wink relay discontinued

Is The Wink Relay Discontinued? Information Key

Wink is one of the leading brands in smart home products in the market today. All the Wink products are designed to be connected and controlled via any other smart device with the Wink app. Wink Relay is the most popular product amongst users of the Wink. Wink Relay has a touch display installed in …

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smartthings multiple users

Smartthings Multiple Users: Is It Possible To Add Additional Users?

Administering a smart hub may be challenging, mainly if you haven’t done it previously. It’s why so many consumers spend hours watching YouTube tutorials to link their smart gadgets to the hub. Even while Samsung makes every effort to make the automation experience as simple as possible for customers, there are still a few factors …

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wink hub update taking forever

Why Is My Wink Hub Update Taking Forever? How to Fix?

Several users of Wink Hub have had this particular issue at some point in time. They stated that while they perform an update on their wink hub, it keeps on updating for hours and takes forever.  Usually wink Hub update takes 10-15 minutes, depending upon your internet speed. But if it is taking longer than …

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wink hub won't connect to wi-fi

Wink Hub Won’t Connect to WiFi: How to Fix?

Going through several consumer grievance forums, we have noted that many users have reported complaints against their Wink Hub. The users have mentioned that even after following all the manual instructions, they can still not connect the Wink Hub to their Wi-Fi network.  Further users also stated that the Wink Hub keeps blinking yellow, and …

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wink relay alternative

Top 4 Wink Relay Alternative

Wink Relay is well-known around the globe as one of the finest inventive solutions. It includes a smart, touch sensing screen module for controlling all of your house’s home automation solutions. In addition, there are two buttons on the lateral side which you can utilize to monitor multiple lighting if you want a mechanical experience …

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smartthings hub offline

How To Troubleshoot The Smartthings Hub Offline Issue?

Those of you who use Samsung technology on a regular basis will be familiar with its advantages and disadvantages. We can’t say enough good things about them. In this post, we will look at various troubleshooting techniques for your Samsung SmartThings Hub Offline.  Samsung has its hands in a plethora of areas, and in the …

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homeseer vs vera

Homeseer Vs Vera – 5 Things To Consider Before Buying One

There are a lot of things to consider while deciding between Homeseer vs Vera.  That is why, in order to assist you, we will compare each aspect of these smart hubs. We evaluate the major features, specifications, and advantages and disadvantages of both units to see which one might provide you with the greatest value …

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smartthings hub solid blue light

What Is The Meaning Of Smartthings Hub Solid Blue Light?

Are you curious about the meaning of the blinking light on your SmartThings hub? The smartthings hub solid blue light shows that the hub is linked to a network but not to the internet. A solid Blue LED indication on the SmartThings hub has also been causing a lot of customers problems recently. So here …

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nest protect battery vs wired

Nest Protect Battery Vs Wired: Which One Is Better?

The two models have a couple of distinctions. The primary distinction is in how Auto-Away interacts well with the Nest thermostat as well as the Pathlight. For Auto-Away, the wired Nest Protects call home anytime they sense motion, allowing your home to access and exit Auto-Away mode more quickly.  Battery models phone home once a …

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wink hub won't update

Things To Consider If Your Wink Hub Won’t Update

The Wink hub is one of the finest alternatives for homeowners. But, people have lately complained that the Wink Hub won’t update. If you are also experiencing the same issue, the following methods will assist you. Try rebooting the system if the Wink won’t update Try restarting the Hub first. It’s possible that the gadget …

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