ecobee daylight savings time

Ecobee Daylight Savings Time: What To Do If It Is Not Adjusting Time Automatically?

Ecobee is a well-known brand that makes smart home gadgets and thermostats. They have a large selection of high-quality items that are not only feature-rich but also energy-efficient. They’re especially well-known for their smart thermostats. As a result, smart households are making extensive use of the gadget. They also sell temperature sensors, smart cameras, touch …

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echo remote not working

Echo Remote Not Working: How To Fix That?

Amazon Echo is perhaps the best popular smart gadget that could be used to execute various activities using your voice. For example, you may queue for a variety of things with simple voice commands. The possibilities are limitless, ranging from simply playing music to controlling your smart home. Echo Remote Not Working Solutions Many consumers …

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alexa won't play spotify

Alexa Won’t Play Spotify: Causes And Solutions

There have been several concerns about Amazon’s Alexa not playing Spotify for many people. It is pretty common recently for users to face minor issues with Alexa. Some users stated that their Alexa says it is playing Spotify, but no sound came from the device. Some users couldn’t detect the Echo device on the available …

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multiple fire sticks in one house

Are There Any Means Of Using Multiple Fire Sticks In One House?

Amazon only allows two firesticks to be used at the same time. However, using the same Amazon Prime account, you may watch three videos simultaneously. You can watch the same Amazon video on two devices at once, but you can stream up to three videos from the same Amazon account. Many individuals nowadays use their …

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alexa repeat song

Will Alexa be Able to Play the Song on Repeat?

Not only are Echo devices phenomenal home automation hubs, and they also come with built-in speaker systems that could be used for recreational reasons like listening to songs. It can also create customized libraries, playlists, and music tracks stored on your devices and the internet, making it much more easy and enjoyable. However, if you …

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amazon music is streaming on another device

“Amazon Music Is Streaming On Another Device”- How To Fix It?

This article mainly explains how to fix when you receive the message “Amazon Music is streaming on another device.” There can be a bunch of reasons for this message to pop up. We’ll go through reasons one by one, along with how to avoid them. How Does it Occur? “Amazon Music is streaming on another …

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amazon tap charging

Amazon Tap Charging: How to Use and How to Fix It?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use your Alexa Tap: 1. Charge your Amazon Tap Plug the included charging cable and power adapter into the charging cradle Plug it into a power outlet Place your Amazon Tap on the charging cradle Power on the device A blue light will turn on at the …

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alexa reminders not working

What to do if Alexa Reminders Are Not Working?

Several users have reported concerns about their Alexa reminders not working. They tried different ways to get the issue fixed but got nowhere close to solving the problem. Since they are not able to get their reminders to work properly, they have been quite frustrated.    Don’t stress any further. We have rounded up the precise …

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alexa randomly playing music

Why is Alexa Randomly Playing Music and How to Fix It?

Many users have complained that their Alexa randomly plays music in their smart homes. Not everyone is aware of the reasons or ways to fix it, so they get confused. Here are some steps you can follow to fix it: 1. Remove All of Your Routines The first thing we advise you to check is …

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how long does alexa alarm ring

How Long Does Alexa Alarm Ring?

If you want to know for how long does Alexa Alarm ring, you are at the right place. The Alexa alarm can go on for a couple of minutes before stopping if you don’t hit snooze. You may set the alarm to play your favorite music of yours, and it will continue to play for …

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