z-wave vs insteon

Z-Wave vs Insteon: Which Is The Best?

The home automation industry has been sprucing up two of its most popular wireless protocols, Z-Wave vs Insteon, that work on mesh networking.  Although some of the characteristics might be the same yet some features, specifications, pros, and cons are quite different in both technologies.  For people interested in efficient home automation, this comparative guide …

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can alexa control z-wave devices

Can Alexa Control Z-wave Devices? Get your Answers Now

Do you want to connect Alexa with Z-wave devices? If you are skeptical about – Can Alexa control Z-wave devices, check out this article to get your answers. Yes, Alexa can control Z-wave devices present within their smart home network but with the help of a hub. The following are some Z-Wave and Alexa-compatible gadgets …

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best z-wave flood sensors

Best Z-Wave Flood Sensors 2022: Water And Leak Detectors!

Do you want to know which are the best Z-Wave Flood Sensors for 2021? Check out this guide on tested Z-Wave flood sensors to get your answers. The smart flood sensors have turned out to be an amazing advancement device for identifying any leaks or overflows.  Once detected, the sensor starts sending alerts on your …

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Z-Wave vs X10

Z-wave vs X10- Which Is The Right Choice For You?

Do you want to know which home automation device is better: Z-Wave vs X10? Then check out our comparison here to know all about both of these devices. X10 is the more established technology of the two, maybe because it has evolved and prospered for more than 30 years.  It is, however, becoming obsolete as …

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are all Z-wave devices repeaters

Are all Z-wave devices repeaters?

Do you want to know – are all Z-Wave Devices Repeaters or not? Then check out this guide to know all about Z-Wave Repeaters. What is a Z-Wave Repeater? Repeater means any Z-Wave or ZigBee device that always remains powered-on. For instance, the Samsung SmartThings. It acts as a relay point to enable a device …

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z-wave devices with ring

Do All Z-wave Devices Work with Ring?

Ring Alarm uses Z-Wave protocol via ring video doorbells, smart lights, sensors, and cameras that work with Z-Wave by using a compatible Z-Wave smart hub. While Ring works perfectly with almost all Z-Wave devices, it still is not compatible with ZigBee. With its superior features and functionality, the Ring Alarm has become one of our …

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Z-wave devices work with SmartThings

Do All Z-Wave Devices Work With Smartthings?

Usually, the smart speakers in the market are getting the most famous for smart home automation. Still, for a completely expandable, reliable, compatible, and highly robust automation system, SmartThings by Samsung is the best choice in the market today. Both the smart home wireless protocol, i.e., Z-Wave and ZigBee, is used by SmartThings. It also …

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google home with z-wave

Can I Use Google Home With Z-Wave?

Yes, you can use Google Home with Z-wave but not directly. Although Google Home does not support Z-Wave, it may be utilized with a separate smart home hub. A Google Home may be connected to other Z-Wave compatible devices using any Z-Wave compatible smart home hub. When you connect Google Home to a smart hub, …

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Does Apple have Z Wave

Does Apple have Z-Wave? An Informative Questionnaire

Apple’s HomeKit uses either Bluetooth or WiFi. The iPhone, Apple TV, and iPads only have these protocols built-in. But this in no way implies that it cannot use a Z-Wave device.   For instance, the Phillips Hue Smart Lighting Kit is officially compatible with HomeKit and uses Zigbee wireless protocol for its light bulbs. This can …

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how to add z wave device to adt control

How To Add Z-Wave Device To ADT Control?

Want to know how to add your Z-wave Device to ADT Control Pulse System? Check out this guide to learn the easiest way to carry it out. ADT Pulse System ADT Control helps you keep your workplace or home protected and secured as it allows you to control the system using your smartphone entirely.  Now, …

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