Best Z-Wave Garage Door Openers in 2022: Top Picks & Guide!

Garage doors are one of the essential parts of our house. It is convenient and equally necessary to automate garage doors. 

This makes it easy and quick to open and close your garage door whenever you want to get your car in and out.

Different innovative technologies will help you automate your garage door. Z-Wave is one of the innovative technologies you can use. 

With the help of Z-Wave technology, we’ll take on the best garage door openers and smart controllers. Please take a look at our top picks for the best Z-Wave garage door openers and controllers.

Why Use Z-Wave to Automate Garage Door Openers?

Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol primarily designed for home automation. When we say home automation, this automates many different functions at home, including the opening and closing of garage doors.

It makes sense to automate a home’s garage door. It makes it easier to get your car in and out of your garage without leaving your vehicle. 

What’s even better with going with Z-Wave technology is the possibility of including the control of the garage door within a Z-Wave-based home automation system.

You will have the ability to monitor and control different home functions within a mobile application. In short, you can create a centralized home automation network.

Best Z-Wave Garage Door Openers in 2021

Here’s our list of the best Z-Wave garage door openers. Take a quick look and check out the details for each below this table.

Editor’s PickRunner UpBudget Pick
ModelMyQ Chamberlain Garage Door OpenerGogogate 2 Wired Gate SensorZ-wave Plus Gold Plated Garage Door Tilt Sensor
NameMyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain MYQGogogate 2Z-Wave Plus Gold Plated Reliability Garage Door Tilt Sensor
InformationBest in market Z-Wave Garage Door OpenerBest Garage Door Opener for Multiple DoorsAffordable Garage Door Opener
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1. Editor’s Pick - MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

MyQ Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

This is one of the best Z-wave garage door openers in the market in 2021. The hub is secure to use wirelessly with the myQ app.

The hub needs to be set up at a suitable spot connected with the z-wave network to install this door opener easily.

Editor's Rating

Our experts tested the hub proficiently with the garage door opener. This one operates very effectively via the app after making some modified settings.

The myQ app displays opening, receiving, and closing of the garage door as notification status. 

Also, it has been mentioned that the hub is exceptionally compatible with almost all the garage door openers with safety sensors manufactured after 1993.

You will always get live notifications, regardless of where you are, as soon as any motion is detected with the garage, like “The garage door was opened.” 

Hence, security is always ensured since it can be connected with many other smart devices.

The only downside of this product is that you won’t be able to integrate it with SmartThings like Alexa. 

Also, sometimes, it has been observed that Chamberlin’s servers aren’t that fast. The reason being the incorrect assignment of the door sensors or alternative network.

In such cases of network communication issues, it is always recommended to connect to customer service if it continues.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

Final Verdict:

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain is the most efficient Z-Wave controller in the market today, steeply priced for under budget.

2. Runner Up - Gogogate 2

Gogogate 2 Wired Gate Sensor

The Gogogate is a single-unit hub that can manage up to three different gates or doors simultaneously.

You can receive your garage door movement status through notifications sent to your smartphone, Apple Watch, iPhone, Tablet, or PC.

Editor's Rating

It also facilitates video monitoring, which is completely optional. This hub comes with a single wireless sensor, three cables that are pre-assembled, one USB WiFi adapter, a double-sided tape to ensure proper placement if needed, and one controller. Also, it has two selections for connectivity, either via Amazon Alexa or IFTTT App.

Our team has tested this device proficiently with gates which have led to significant outcomes. They stated that one unit could function with more than one garage door or gate, although there is the only sensor provided in the box.

So, we had to buy some extra sensors for the number of doors/gates we needed to control. Users can also associate this unit with the most effective cameras to experience better control.

 Switching among controllers in the app is essential to manage the set of doors. It also senses a temperature that is quite low according to the actual conditions, but that doesn’t matter to us while testing in front of its brilliant performance. 

There is no straight consolidation with Google Assistant or Alexa, but the plus point is that it can be configured via IFTTT.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

Final Verdict:

After comparing MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener and Gogogate 2 functionally, we observed that both seem like the best z-wave garage door openers. But the Gogogate 2 comes with a single sensor.

3. Budget Pick - Z-Wave Plus Gold Plated Reliability Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Z-wave Plus Gold Plated Garage Door Tilt Sensor

This is our best Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Tilt Sensor under budget so far.

The sensor works extremely great with Z-Wave-enabled smart home security hubs.

Editor's Rating

It will have to be mounted with a flat-mount bracket included in it for installing the tilt sensor and inserting the battery after that.

The outdoor triggers will get linked with the sensor. The compatible Z-Wave security hubs can be Piper NV, D-Link staples, HomeSeer, Vera Lite, Vera plus, and Vera Edge.

Its extraordinary feature is the tilt elements which are gold-plated, guaranteeing great reliability on the product. 

Another significant advantage of the tilt sensor is that it is quite simple to install with the included mounting bracket. Even if you install it on the top panel of the door, the sensor will still activate if the door is left partially open.

It can also be used separately if you do not wish to connect it to a Z-Wave relay. 

Hypothetically, if it is sending you false notifications, it is recommended to make some adjustments in the angle placement of the sensor and attempt to angle it on a 45-degree level.

Even after that, if the installation seems complex, you should go through the instructions thoroughly and imply some rational mods on your own if there’s an issue. Also, the precise battery life of the device is not known.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

Final Verdict:

Most of the options mentioned in this list aren’t so budget-friendly. So, when you have a budget constraint, this garage door tilt sensor is a great option.

Some Additional Good Options

4. GD00Z-5 Z-Wave Garage Opener Door Contact Sensor

2gig GD00Z-5 Z-Wave Garage Opener Door Contact Sensor

The GD00Z-5 Garage Door Sensor is built to sense motions up to 100 feet range.

This sensor is efficiently enhanced with Nortek Security and is compatible with all z-wave devices and other appropriate wireless controllers.

Editor's Rating

 We feel that the price is steep, but after observing the high compatibility and reliability of the product, we say it’s worth it.

 If you have installed a regular door opening sensor already, it won’t encumber its operability and work efficiently.

The best feature of this device is that it functions proficiently with the SmartThings devices as well. It takes no additional time or effort in installation. 

The light signal feature allows you to recognize the status whenever the device is activated. Also, it is very easy to install once you have read the instructions carefully.

After testing this product, our team has mentioned that it runs under the Nortek Security system. 

They manufacture many sensors that are almost similar under different brands whose working is somewhat similar.

Hence, there can be confusion regarding the names and brands. But this is nothing to be worried about; regardless of the brand or name, you can be assured of the quality and performance.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

Final Verdict:

If you are lenient towards trusted brands in terms of their compatibility and reliability, this device is a great choice.

Samsung SmartThings Door & Window Multipurpose Sensor

The Samsung SmartThings garage door opener is another extremely advanced door opener with a multipurpose sensor.

This sensor can be positioned accurately within 30 feet of the hub, between the hub and a SmartThings relay to experience a great connection.

Editor's Rating

This device delivers information such as temperature signals between 32-to-104-degree F. 

It can be used suitably with Alexa to enjoy a great voice command system with the sensor. Along with door locks, this sensor can also be connected with lights, switches, thermostats, doorbells, or cameras.

After testing the device thoroughly, our team concluded that the battery life is less than that claimed by the makers, i.e., 17520 hours, but then it comes with a one year warranty period from SmartThings, which is a plus point. 

Since it has a compatible hub, the performance of this device is flawless so far. This will need a ZigBee repeater to work efficiently within the garage if you are using a ZigBee network

The test results showed us that the sensor is highly sensitive to any motion detected.

You will be sent a notification as soon as there is an orientation, a tilt, or any vibration. It measures and displays precise temperature statuses, unlike most of the devices.

The multi-use effect is one of the most efficient features that impressed us. Additionally, you can set up automation to turn lights on and off, send live notifications from anywhere, or even direct your security camera.

We will mention that the makers have used a rather incorrect calculation in assessing the battery life. 

Battery life is not as much as the company mentions, which means depending upon the use of the sensor, one will need to replace the battery within a year, which isn’t so cost-effective unless you opt for inexpensive yet efficient batteries.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

Final Verdict:

If you don’t wish to use the Z-Wave devices and wish to combine various devices, this Z-Wave garage door opener by SmartThings provides you with the ultimate ease.

The Best Z-Wave Garage Door Openers Buying Guide

Yes, the automatic garage door works fine. But it is never a loss to try out the new technology about home automation. 

An automated garage door with the ability to give you remote control and monitoring over it through the use of your smartphone is worth it.

And through Z-Wave technology, you can remotely control your smart devices, including your garage door in your smartphone. 

Here’s our guide for you about Z-Wave garage door openers and controllers.

How to Choose A Z-Wave Garage Door Controller?

We know that new things are a little scary to people sometimes. It is the same with home automation technology. The most important step is to embrace change and be willing to take the risk for new technology. And it is worth a try.

Yes, home automation has been a trend and will be giving you a lot of benefits. 

The most important ones are convenience, control, and security. So, here’s our guide to help you decide how you will choose Z-Wave-enabled garage door controls.

Smart Hub Compatibility

Most likely, you already have a home automation system based around Z-Wave technology. 

After all, we see that Z-Wave is by far if not the best home automation technology as of now and has the most diverse set of smart home devices. Not to mention smart switches, smart sensors, and others.

The most important smart device in home automation is the smart hub or smart controller. 

This is the one that communicates all other smart devices at home, like smart switches and smart sensors. This is required in most smart devices.

With this device, you will have a centralized and connected network of home devices that you can control in a smartphone application. It is the device that connects all of your smart devices.

Since these Z-Wave garage door controllers require a smart hub, make sure that you have a Z-Wave smart hub as well. 

And, this should be compatible with your smart garage door opener. Even though the Z-Wave Alliance requires every certified Z-Wave device to work with each other, always double-check the compatibility of your garage door opener to your smart hub.

Garage Door Compatibility

This is also extremely important to consider before you buy any of these smart garage door openers. 

Even if the product description states that they are compatible with most garage doors, always inquire or check if it is compatible with your existing garage door setup.

A good avenue to seek answers is the product reviews of these smart devices in Amazon. Also, the most important source of information is the support of the product manufacturer. Never hesitate to contact them before you buy the product.

Installation Setup

The installation of these smart garage door openers requires some skills and careful following of setup manuals. 

Although, this is not that much of a concern as long as the above compatibility is already considered.

This requires the cautious implementation of product guides and manuals. Also, you can look for videos on YouTube regarding how to install and set up specific smart devices. We already did also add installation videos for your reference.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a good source of information regarding products. These are very helpful since reviews are coming from buyers and users. 

Anything good or bad from their experience is beneficial for you too.

This way, you are even more informed of the kind of product you are looking for and whether it will give you the benefits you are hoping to get.


Devices such as smart garage door openers pose a security threat because they can make your garage door open.

And thus, you should consider security issues like being an outsider being able to access and control your Z-Wave garage door opener device. 

Smart devices like this have encryption systems in place to prevent unauthorized access to your home.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and support are both important in the long run. Everyone would expect that products like smart garage door openers would last long.

But know that most products have problems from time to time, so it is extremely important to keep contact numbers for support and maintenance issues. 

This will come in handy in the future when you encounter problems with the smart device.

Signal and Range

Smart devices such as smart garage door controllers rely on wireless signals. With this, it is important to note that space around in your garage where you will install the Z-Wave garage door controller will be in the line of sight with your smart hub or any other Z-Wave signal repeater.

Most Z-Wave devices like smart switches can be a signal repeater, ensuring that the signal to and from your smart garage door device is not obstructed. 

Tests after installation should provide you good feedback if the signal is good enough for the device to work properly.

Best Z-Wave Garage Door Openers: Conclusion

It is really helpful to automate your garage doors. It provides convenience, making it easier to drive your car in and out of your garage. 

And smart devices with Z-Wave technology can give just that kind of benefit when it comes to making your garage door smart.

And if you are looking to fully automate more functions at home, not just your garage door, then having it based on Z-Wave would be great as there are plenty of smart devices supporting this technology.

In contrast, if you already have a Z-Wave-based home automation system, it would make sense to add a garage door controller using the Z-Wave communication protocol.

Choosing the best Z-Wave garage door openers and controller is just the first step towards garage door automation. But it is equally important, and we think this is the most important step.

You need to choose the best one to suit your needs and satisfy the features you are looking for in a smart garage door. 

This is why we hope that this list of the Best Z-Wave Garage Door Openers will help you start right.