Best Z-Wave Light Switches 2022: Top Picks!

Light switches are always an integral part of our homes. Wherever we go, we just see lights and of course the switches we use to control them. 

How can we ignore them? These switches turns on the lights at night. With Z-Wave technology, a normal light switch becomes smarter. 

In return, it’s easier, faster and more convenient for us to turn on or off the lights at home. In this article, we’ll give to you our top picks for the best Z-Wave light switches available.

We’ll present comparisons between the features of the different Z-Wave light switches for you to check and examine. With this, it make your life easier to find the best light switch to your home.


Don’t have time to read the details? Here’s a table of the best Z-Wave light switches. But, we’d recommend you read on for the details about each of these smart light switches.

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Z-Wave light switches are switches which uses Z-Wave technology to connect with other Z-Wave devices like Z-Wave controllers.  

With this setup, the Z-Wave  controller can trigger the Z-Wave light switch to turn on or off the bulb it controls. This gives you can control over your Z-Wave switches within the mobile application which controls the controller. 

The basic feature of the light switch is always there which is to turn on or off the lights. It’s just that you can now do it from anywhere you are.

These smart light switches can help you provide ease and convenience knowing you can turn on or off your lights from anywhere. Whether you forget to turn off your lights when you left home, you can now check if it’s on. 

And if it is, you can now turn it off through an application in your smartphone.

Through Z-Wave technology, it would be convenient for you to check the status of the lights at home. 

And, you can switch them anytime and anywhere. This is how these kind of light switches can provide advantage for your home automation system.


Here’s our list of the best light switches which uses Z-Wave technology. This list present our top 10 picks for the Best Z-Wave Light Switches in the market.

Our top pick for the best Z-Wave light switch is GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Control Switch.

This smart light control is from GE which has a portfolio of several Z-Wave devices including lighting control switches. It’s a smart lighting switch which you can use to turn on or off your lights.

If you have an existing Z-Wave, or Z-Wave Plus, home automation system, then this switch should fit in for home lighting. It supports a wide range of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus controllers.

This smart light switch features wireless control to turn on or off your lights through the use of a smartphone application or in your computer.

This requires a Z-Wave certified controller. Don’t worry because this supports a wide array of Z-Wave hubs such as SmartThings, Pulse, Trane, Wink, Nexia, Honeywell, HomeSeer, Smart Security, Harmony, Vera, Connect and Iris. Aside from that, this also works with Alexa harnessing its voice control capability.

In terms of its installation, this smart switch requires in-wall installation which also needs hard-wired connections.

It also requires neutral wires. Since design and color is also an important factor, the package of this switch includes white and light almond paddles.

This colors of the paddles usually matches with the most standard wall plates. Aside from these, you can also schedule time events and even create custom scenes.

This automates things which is even better for you. These key features makes this Z-Wave light switch a top pick as smart switch for your smart home.

Next in line, the GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Control Dimmer Switch features the dimmer function. With this smart switch, you can schedule, control and adjust the brightness of any dimmable bulb or light. 

And, you can do it remotely and anytime through the use of a mobile device. Yes, the bulbs should also be dimmable which includes either dimmable LED, CFL, incandescent or halogen bulbs. 

The main advantage of the dimmer is that you can save energy and it makes extends the life of the bulb.

Aside from its dimmer features, this light switch can give you control to turn on/off from anywhere and anytime. 

This switch also requires a controller which is Z-Wave certified. These are the Z-Wave hubs it can support: SmartThings, Pulse, Trane, Wink, Nexia, Honeywell, HomeSeer, Smart Security, Harmony, Vera, Connect and Iris. If you wnat to use voice control, this will work also with Alexa. 

With regards to installation, this requires an in-wall installation. And, it requires hard-wired connections and neutral wires. 

This comes in with white and almond paddles also to give you flexibility in case you want it to match with your interiors.

 More so, you can also create schedules with its smart features like the dimmer or even include it in custom scenes. The dimmer function is definitely a great feature for this smart light switch.

Innovelli Z-Wave Plus In Wall Light Switch

This Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Light Switch from Inovelli is the cheapest Z-Wave light switch among this list of the best Z-Wave light switches. 

It features a manual switch and as smart switch when connected to controller of a Z-Wave network. 

Thus, someone who is not into smart controls can still turn on or off the lights like a normal light switch. But the best thing about it is still works as a smart switch so you can turn on or off lighting from anywhere you are.

Just like other Z-Wave light switches, it requires connection to a compatible Z-Wave hub. 

Among the list of the compatible Z-Wave hubs are SmartThings 1.0 & 2.0, Wink 1.0 & 2.0, Vera UI5 & UI7,  HomeSeer, Leviton RF Installer Tool (Vizia), Staples Connect, Zipamini (Zipato). It also compatible with Alexa and Echo. But with Echo, it will only work through a compatible hub. 

A dimmer switch from GoControl, this Smart Wall Mount Dimmer Switch lets you remotely turn on/off or dim lights anytime. 

If you currently have a wall mounted switch, you can use this to replace it and enjoy the benefits of this smart switch.

 Its capacity is up to 500 watts which allows you to use them on fluorescent, LED lights and halogen lighting fixtures. Just connect this device to a Z-Wave controller in your home automation network. 

This switch is compatible with other Z-Wave certified devices.  The installation of this light switch requires neutral connection. 

If you want other colors, this switch has a replaceable trim ring which you can replace with Trim Ring kit with the colors black, brown, almond and ivory. 

Aside from that, this device can be used as a repeater in the Z-Wave network. It has a maximum load of 500 Watts for control of permanent lighting fixtures. 

But there’s a 1000 Watts version also if you want. So, if you have a standard wall mount dimmer switch, you can replace it with this smart Z-Wave dimmer switch. 

The Leviton Decora Switch is a Z-Wave switch which is designed for use in most residential lighting and motor applications. 

It can support a wide range of load types like halogen, incandescent, fluorescent and motor loads of up to 1/2 HP. 

This Z-Wave switch is compatible with a lot of controllers like the SmartThings and Wink hubs. 

It also is scene capable, so you can set up scenes to further automate how your lighting and other smart devices would function in certain conditions. This can support of up to 1800 W incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs. 

It requires a neutral connections and supports 15A and 120V. White face is the default assembly but an ivory and light almond faces are part of the package. 

Lastly, this switch is compatible with Z-Wave Network Wide Inclusion, Beaming and Security. 

If you are still looking for another option, here’s a kit from GE with their Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Control Three-Way On/Off Switch Kit. 

This can replace your current standard three-way switch configuration at home to add smart features. With this, you can now remotely control your switch just from anywhere and anytime. 

All you need is that you connect this switches to a Z-Wave controller and then configure it in the mobile or computer app.

With this switch, you can have wireless control over your hardwired bulbs such as incandescent, xenon, LED, halogen and fluorescent lighting.

 You just to have to add this switch to a Z-Wave certified controller or hub so that you can gain control through the hub’s mobile or desktop application. 

Aside from that, you can also create lighting scenes and automate it. 

In terms of installation, this switches requires neutral wiring connection. This kit includes a primary switch and an auxiliary switch. 

It has white finish which usually matches most modern wall plates. Please note to never connect the 120V neutral or hot wire(s) to the traveler circuit.

 Always refer to the manual whenever you set up something related to the wiring in your house.

The HomeSeer HS-WD100+ is a Z-Wave Plus wall mounted dimmer switch. This switch lets you turn on/off or dim light bulbs locally or remotely. 

Since this is Z-Wave Plus certified, you can connect it to the most common major Z-Wave hubs and controllers. 

This is compatible with incandescent lighting up to 600 Watts and LEDs/CFL of up to 150 Watts. 

Aside from its main functions, it can also work as a scene controller. It means this device can trigger of up to 6 automation events by tapping the rocker switch in various ways. 

An example is to double-tap it for one scene and triple-tap for another scene. 

In terms of installation, this switch requires wiring connections for line (hot), load and neutral with option to wire ground. 

It supports single-pole or multi-pole applications. But, it requires traveler wire for multi-pole applications. Always read manual before doing installations.

Here’s another dimmer switch from GE, the Z-Wave Smart Lighting Control Dimmer Switch. 

It’s a smart turn on/off switch and a smart dimmer. With this switch, you can control the on/off and dim functions remotely once you have this connected to a Z-Wave controller in your home automation network. 

Just like other smart switches, this requires to connect to a Z-Wave certified controller. 

Some of its most common compatible hubs are Samsung SmartThings, Nexia, Pulse, Trane, Wink, Alexa via SmartThings hub, Honeywell, HomeSeer, Smart Security, Harmony Home hub extender, Vera, Iris and Connect. 

You can also include this in a scene so you can further take advantage of home automation.

As with the installation, you can use this to replace standard in-wall switch at home. 

The screw terminal installation will provide improvement over space efficiency when you replace existing switches. This requires neutral connection. Lastly, always refer the the manual for installation instructions.

The Leviton VRMX1-1LZ Vizia RF Dimmer is a universal Z-Wave dimmer switch which is part of the Vizia RF+ family of Z-Wave energy management and lighting control products of Leviton

With the future in mind, the design is to support dimmable LED and CFL products as well as incandescent, halogen, Mark 10 and magnetic lighting loads. 

Aside from the universal support of different lighting products, this switch supports Z-Wave commands such as network wide inclusion, security and beaming. 

This switch is also scene capable which includes 49 different fade rates. It also features pre-sets created by user for powering on and minimum brightness. Transient surge suppression is also a built-in feature.

This switch can support dimmable LED and CFL loads of up to 450 Watts, incandescent and halogen of up to 1000 Watts, fluorescent ballast loads of up to 1000 VA and magnetic low voltage loads of up to 1000 VA. 

Please refer to manual for further information regarding installation and compatibility.

The Eaton RF9501AW ASPIRE Smart Light Switch feature a programmable delayed off function to turn off lights after certain time.

This comes in handy if you unintentionally left your lights on. This switch is also compatible with Aspire RF Accessory Switch (RF9517) to have a wireless three-way control. This will eliminate your traditional 3-way wiring.

This smart wireless switch can control of up to 5 RF devices using association function which can cover all bases.

So you can enjoy control over multiple devices with just a click of a button. It includes a push button for on/off operation as well as LED light indicators. It supports 120V at 60 Hz AC.

This switch is rated for LED, CFL,  magnetic low voltage, electric low voltage, incandescent and FLR lighting loads. For further information, read the manual and its supported devices and rating.

The Z-Wave Light Switch Guide

A Z-Wave light switch is a great part of you home automation system using Z-Wave protocol. 

These smart light switches provides easy and fast access to turn on or off the lights at home. 

The switching can be done remotely with the use of a mobile application connected to your home Z-Wave network. We hope that this thorough guide can help you have better understanding about Z-Wave light switches.   

How To Choose The Best Z-Wave Light Switch?

If you have lots of good light switches, it gives you lots of options to choose from. With several light switches which supports Z-Wave technology, how can you pick what’s the best one for your home. 

These are the factors we are listing for you to check when looking for the best Z-Wave light switch.


If you have an existing Z-Wave network for your home automation system, it is important to consider if the light switch is compatible with the hub or controller. 

Although most of the Z-Wave light switches are compatible with major Z-Wave hubs, it is good to be sure. 

After all, the light switch needs its connection with the hub for you to have remote control over it. It’s because the mobile application is usually tied up to the controller. 

That is where the control really takes place once all of your smart devices, including the light switch, is connected to the controller.

Second, if  you want to use the Z-Wave dimmer switch, make sure that you have a compatible dimmable light bulb. 

The smart dimmer switch will only work as as dimmer if the bulb itself has dim function. So, if the bulb is an ordinary bulb, then you cannot use the dimmer function.

Cost & Quality

Of course, the cost is always a factor. You might end up buying several light switches so you better choose something that is within the budget. 

However, it is important to note that you should not compromise quality over the cost. 

And by quality, it means having the right features and built for performance. In the long run, it is always good to always choose a product of quality within at the right price. 

Flexibility & Power Rating

The light switch is a very essential part of the home electrical system. It provides control to your lighting system.

 Therefore, it is important that the light switch is as flexible as possible in terms of supported type of light bulbs. It is because you never know that one day a light bulb is damaged and then you wanted to replace it with another type which is energy efficient. 

This is an important consideration so you can consider that the light switch can support different types of bulbs. 

Also, you have to take into mind what are the power rating and other important information when it comes to voltage and wattage as well. 

It is important to make sure that the light switch and the bulb or whatever electrical device it will control is can support it in terms of power and voltage ratings. Be very careful with these since it is for your home security.

Product Reviews

For those who are very meticulous buyers, reading product reviews are really important to know more about the product beyond its description. 

These are experiences of actual user of the products so you really can get valuable information on reviews. The links above are for product pages with lots of reviews as they are from Amazon. 

The more review you can see with the product, the more information you will get. You can see how the product is doing with the rating and reviews it gets. So, don’t neglect reading reviews again.

Installation Compatibility

Most likely, you will buy a light switch for your house which already is built. This means that you probably already have standard light switches in place. Perhaps, you plan on replacing them. 

Therefore, you need to consider what kind of connection or configuration does your existing light switch. 

Like, if it is a 3-way switch or what. Also, check if it has neutral connection because there are smart light switch which requires this. 

You can refer to your electrician to make the light switch is a compatible replacement.

 The Key Features of A Good Z-Wave Light Switch

First and foremost, a good light switch is definitely an important part of the home electrical system. It is literally in every house and establishment. It’s already a part of our lives at home and even at our office. 

However, since the advent of home automation revolution, our home electrical devices are now becoming smarter. And of course, light switch will be part of it. So, now we have Z-Wave light switches. 

Therefore, it’s essential that you should know the key features you should be able to find in a Z-Wave light switch.

Dimmer Function

There are two types of Z-Wave light switch, those with or without dimmer function. The dimmer features allows you to control the brightness or dimness of a dimmable light bulb. 

Therefore, to make this function work, it should be controlling a light bulb which is dimmable.

 Having a dimmable light bulb means you can make the right lighting atmosphere of brightness of your lighting. Not only that, it can also help save you some energy.

Scenes & Schedule Events

Another good feature of a smart light switch is being able to schedule events. It gives you the ability to set schedule like when to turn off or on the lights.

 A good example is when you family is on vacation and no one is left at home. You can schedule that the lights will turn on at night and turn off in the morning.

 The same with dimming, say you want to dim the lights when its already late at night just enough light while you’re sleeping. 

Aside from scheduling events, you can also create scenes like when the switch is turned on, it can alert other smart devices to function or to react. 

All of these features can make smart home even better. These are truly the features which can make home automation.

Final Thoughts

Z-Wave switches can be essential part of your home automation system especially if you have an existing Z-Wave network for your smart home system. 

Yes, if you currently use a Z-Wave controller for your home automation system, it’s a good fit to have this Z-Wave light switches. 

It’s always not easy to pick the best Z-Wave switch for your lighting system at home. 

There could probably be a couple of choices you might be thinking to get. However, if you have more knowledge on the features you are looking for and what’s currently is in your home, it would be easier for you. 

This is the reason we have this list of good Z-Wave light switches for you. With this list of the best Z-Wave light switches, we think that it will help you to pick the best one for the lights of your home.