Do All Z-wave Devices Work with Ring?

Ring Alarm uses Z-Wave protocol via ring video doorbells, smart lights, sensors, and cameras that work with Z-Wave by using a compatible Z-Wave smart hub.

While Ring works perfectly with almost all Z-Wave devices, it still is not compatible with ZigBee.

With its superior features and functionality, the Ring Alarm has become one of our favorite home security systems for testing. The solid hardware, excellent prospective for expansion, and low monthly operating cost make it the best seller in the market.

On the other hand, Z-Wave is low-powered wireless that operates on a mesh networking technology that is compatible with thousands of smart home devices.

How do Ring products work?

The ring device is based on a very uncomplicated proposition. You can use your previous home WiFi connection to form a Ring of security for your home.

Once you have connected the Ring devices to WiFi, they use the free Ring app available on both iOS and Android systems.

The app alerts you whenever there is a motion detected approaching your door or something that comes within the range of the security camera.

Once the setup is done, you can now watch a high-quality video and speak through a two-way audio communication feature.

The Ring app is free, enabling you to manage all the tasks of your Ring products like sirens, video recording, and floodlights.

How Does Ring Use Z-Wave?

As mentioned quite many times, ZigBee and Z-Wave are both encrypted mesh networks. Such a network uses a hub linked to your home internet router with an ethernet cable.

After this, the hub conveys that particular connection to compatible devices instead of connecting each device separately to your home.

All Ring devices are compatible with the Z-Wave system. Ring Alarm-based station runs as a Z-Wave hub for the components of the Ring alarm to communicate with one another without disturbing the WiFi network of your home.

The base station of the Ring alarm has the potential of compatibility with ZigBee as well, but still, there isn’t any plan to introduce it currently.

Is Z-Wave Compatible with Ring?

The Z-Wave compatibility unlocks several opportunities for your smart home. For instance, Ring doesn’t manufacture its smart lock. Whereas Z-Wave has a bunch of smart locks in the market that integrate flawlessly with all your Ring devices.

It is noteworthy that some devices may not integrate with Ring Alarm to an extent as Ring’s own devices. For instance, if a non-Ring motion is triggered, the Alarm will not begin monitoring the center’s response like it does with a Ring sensor.

In order to have full integration, you will have to pick all the Ring products certified with ‘Works with Ring.’

What Z-wave devices work with Ring?

The Ring is Amazon’s smart home security company which now has introduced a ‘Works with Ring’ feature. Works with Ring, also abbreviated as WWR, is meant to amalgamate various Z-Wave smart home products with Ring’s app hub style.

Ring claims to have the latest program that works with over a thousand Z-Wave-enabled devices currently. The Ring can integrate ring devices with various models of the 300 series Z-Wave smart locks by different brands.

After the system has been set up and installed, you can lock and unlock the doors of your house via the Ring app.

Moreover, you can connect non-Ring products with the Ring Alarm base station only if they are compatible with Z-Wave. Also, you can connect additional smart home devices as per your convenience, such as:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Smoke Detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Video doorbells and chimes

What are Ring-Certified Z-Wave Products?

The Z-Wave Alliance has incorporated Ring as one of the member companies in leading home security appliances. This means all the Ring-Certified products are compatible with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus.

Furthermore, to enhance interoperability, innovation, and cybersecurity in the smart home ecosystem, this amazon-backed leading venture is also named a member of the Z-Wave Alliance’s Board of Directors in the Z-Wave Alliance.  

Although Basic or Certified, both kinds of product categories work with Ring to assist you in controlling the device through the Ring app, receiving notifications, Alexa command controls, or analyzing the device’s status.

In addition, Ring Certified devices have a ‘WWR’ authenticity logo on the packaging, which stands for ‘Works with Ring.’ 

We scavenged through the internet and tested many products to get you the following list of Ring-Certified Z-Wave products: 

  1. Dome DMS01 Wireless Siren 
  2. First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Wireless Smoke Detector & Alarm 
  3. Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt Z-Wave Plus Alarm 
  4. Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) – home security system 
  5. Schlage Connect Z-Wave Lever Handle 
  6. Kwikset Z-Wave deadbolt 
  7. Yale Smart Locks 
  8. Signature Series Z-Wave deadbolt

How do you connect Z-wave to a Ring?

You get the option of mixing and matching Z-Wave compatible devices by various manufactures with your Ring Alarm. You will have to link them with your Ring account, following the stated steps:

  • To set up, the device, click on the + sign on the Ring app
  • Select the type of device you want to add
  • Select the option “Add Manually” right at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the option “Z-Wave.”
  • Further, go through and follow the instructions provided with the new products to connect them to the Ring alarm.  
  • After you’ve connected the non-Ring device, it will be visible in your Ring app. 

How do you connect a Ring Device to a Hub?

In case you don’t possess a Ring Alarm, you may still connect your Ring device to another Z-Wave compatible device using a smart home hub.

Our team of experts recommends Samsung SmartThings for a hub that can connect both Z-Wave as well as ZigBee compatible devices instantaneously. This will enable you to integrate your smart home devices from different brands much easier.

No matter which Z-Wave hub you pick, you can easily connect all your Z-Wave devices via the hub’s mobile app. Follow the instructions that come with your hub to connect the device to its app.

Further, follow the directions included with the smart device to experience a flawless connecting process.

What happens if you integrate smart locks with the Ring Alarm system?

When integrating your smart door locks with a Ring alarm that will expand the Ring of Security surrounding the entrance of your home, this will enable you to do the following:

  • Lock/unlock the doors using the app or a key or by using digit PIN codes that you may share with friends and family members.
  • Further in the future, you can arm your Ring Alarm easily by locking the door when you leave and vice versa.

Will the locks integrate with other Ring devices?

Yes, but not at the moment. As of now, you require a Ring alarm for integrating your Security cameras and Ring Doorbells with the locks.

If you have a Ring device, you can manage your smart lock via the Ring app and lock or unlock your door while being on a call.

Is Ring security Z wave or Z Wave Plus?

A ring security system is compatible with both the latest Z-Wave Plus as well as the classic Z-Wave. There are many exciting options for smart home integration with Z-Wave, with even efficient upgrades under Z-Wave Plus Alliance.

Does Yale Z-Wave work with Ring?

The new and advanced Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL is keyless, connecting to your Ring Alarm Security Kit through Z-Wave to integrate flawlessly with your Ring devices.

You can lock and unlock your door from wherever you are, receive alerts of the door status, or even monitor the minutes from previous events using the Ring app.

What are doorbell transformers compatible with a Ring doorbell?

Doorbells by Ring might be linked to fewer voltage transformers to power doorbell kits.

You’ll be able to attach a Ring doorbell with a transformer running between 8V and 24V AC only at 50/60 Hz. DC transformers and intercom systems are not compatible. Hence, it is advised not to use a garden-lighting transformer or halogen.

What is a Ring Z-wave extender?

The Ring Alarm Z-Wave extender is manufactured to extend and enhance the Z-Wave network of the base station. This enables you to experience a greater range and better network coverage for each security device within your location.

The extender can be situated 250 feet away from the base station to reach alarm devices in an unhindered environment. The coverage might differ based on the design and construction of your house or workplace.

In case of a power cut, the extender offers a backup battery of up to 24 hours.

Does First Alert Z-Wave work with Ring?

First Alert Z-Wave Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm are premeditated to enable the Ring Alarm Security Kit compatibility.

The Z-Wave smoke alarm can be executed in residential and institutional applications. It does require a Ring Alarm to ‘Work with Ring.’

You can connect the First Alert Z-Wave Combination Smoke and CO Alarm to your Base Station and guard your home from possible contingencies.

This device flawlessly integrates with the Ring App, so you’ll receive quick alerts if any smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

Does Ring use WIFI or Z-Wave?

Both. The ring alarm uses a Z-Wave system. Ring cameras, smart lights, and video doorbells are compatible with Z-Wave by using a hub compatible with Z-Wave.

Ring products need a wireless internet connection for running. Such devices are compatible with WiFi routers operating 802.11 G, N, or B, on 5.0 GHz and for certain devices on 2.4 GHz.

Does Ring use Bluetooth?

No. Ring devices operate only through WiFi and don’t use Bluetooth.

Can you use Ring with multiple users?

Totally. You can make subsidiary or communal accounts with different users, enabling them partial control over your Ring devices.