Why is Alexa Randomly Playing Music and How to Fix It?

Many users have complained that their Alexa randomly plays music in their smart homes. Not everyone is aware of the reasons or ways to fix it, so they get confused. Here are some steps you can follow to fix it:

1. Remove All of Your Routines

The first thing we advise you to check is the routines set by you in the smart home. For example, it might be that someone must have developed a specific routine to let Alexa randomly play music from the playlist.

In any other case, we suggest you try and remove all the set routines to stop the occurrence altogether. Once you have removed all the existing routines, you can add new ones according to your preferences.

If this too doesn’t help with the issue, then jump on to the following next step.

2. Factory Reset

Next, we recommend you try factory resetting the device to fix the problem you are having. However, when you do factory resetting of the device, it will wipe out all the existing settings stored in Alexa.

We should mention that once your factory reset Alexa, it will clear everything, which implies that you will have set up the whole thing following all the procedures all over again.

On a positive note, this step will fix all the bugs and resolve any issues you have been facing.

3. Log Out All Shared Devices

The final reason and probably the most likely one for Alexa to randomly start playing music is someone with whom you shared your password might be using your account at the same time when you are connected to your voice assistant.

You’ll have to open your Spotify or any other music streaming app that you use to connect with Alexa in such a case. Then, click on the ‘device setting’ and log out from all the devices at once.

Once you’ve successfully logged out of all the devices, change your password and log in fresh. After that, you may share yours afterward with anyone you want anytime.

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Something Else to Look Out for:

Scrolling through certain platforms and forums, we found out that few users reported why their Alexa was randomly playing music.

While some stated the above conditions, others said that somebody logged in to their account from an unknown source, i.e., hacked. Such cases are rare but now seem possible.

If someone logs into your account, they might control your playlist and ask Alexa to do certain tasks which you didn’t allow.

For instance, users found many random music artists that they never listened to under the ‘recently played’ of their Spotify account.

If you figure out that your account has been hacked, don’t panic. Instead, go to the settings, log out from all devices, and then change the password of your account to log in fresh.

So far, there were no reported complaints or evidence of hacking, but recently people have started experiencing such things.

There are minimal chances of someone hacking into your voice assistant, but there is no denying that it is still a possible threat.

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