Gatehouse Vs Kwikset – Choose The Best Lock For Your Home

Gatehouse and Kwikset are among the most well-known manufacturers and distributors of numerous locks for diverse applications.

Both Gatehouse and Kwikset offer a wide range of features and security, making them very popular.

We have compared both products’ ranges based on features such as security, ease of installation, compatibility, and customer reviews.



Gatehouse has mostly concentrated on most conventional locks, which can be utilized for a wide range of applications and specific types of doors.

However, they are producing several of the greatest automated deadbolt locks that are indestructible and seem to have a powerful appearance.

Despite their durability, these locks are however wonderful in terms of design and style, so you will like the gatehouse lock that you may have hung on your entrance because it will contribute to the aesthetics rather than detract from it.

The locks feature a robust metallic surface, so you don’t have to think about damage even though you place the Gatehouse door lock on your central gates for safety.

These locks are fantastic, and Gatehouse provides all of the functionality on their locks range that you can locate on any lock on the market.

Still, the greatest thing about them is that they have an unbelievable price on them, making them the most inexpensive locks around nowadays. So if you want smart locks on a budget, Gatehouse is the way to go.

If connecting your phone and other gadgets is important to you, Gatehouse provides dual solution electric door locks that can be secured and opened using a key or a PIN that you may log in on these devices.

All of the locks are built of high-quality, long-lasting alloys, making them tough to break in. In addition, the shapes and specifications of the door locks are intended to be adaptable and to meet nearly all door security needs. 

The most modern automation locks include functionality such as an additional alarm and automated re-lock for unsuccessful key-in tries, as well as a handful of backup systems.

Every Gatehouse lock assessment reflects on the ease of installation. It is indeed worth mentioning the guarantee that accompanies every lockset purchased.

So, if you want aesthetics and protection and security assurance on a budget and don’t want additional features like wifi internet, Gatehouse is the ideal option for you.


Kwikset may be a little pricey for some, but it is the actual definition of a smart lock, and you will cherish the smooth experience provided by Kwikset locks.

In addition, Kwikset has one of the most fantastic designs available, an appropriate blend of simplicity and a modernistic touch, ensuring that you get the proper, up-to-date feeling from these locks.

These locks may appear little because they’re very strong since they include 128-bit AES encryption, making them an excellent alternative for any house or workplace where you may choose to put them.

The greatest part is that you won’t have to replace your old locks and that you can install Kwikset on any doors, such as glass, hardwood, or iron doors. 

Kwikset has a fairly extensive selection, and each product is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and unrivaled features. Smart home connectivity, so that all of your locks are linked to Alexa or Google Home assistant, is one of the amazing features you receive with Kwikset. 

On Kwikset, you can also operate them from anywhere globally, and you can track the details of your locks immediately on the mobile application that you may use to link all the locks.

The stunning detail is that you only need to provide the request access URL and that anyone you need may access the door as long as they can access it in their app. 

The most popular lock in America is the basic Kwikset deadbolt. Millions of houses around the country have this, or an early version of it, equipped.

Unfortunately, in practically every manner, this lock was far from difficult to breach. The security pins did a decent job of keeping me from jarring it, but they didn’t help much when we attempted alternative methods. 

What to look for in a smart door lock: Gatehouse Vs Kwikset?

The contents of your home and business aren’t the only thing that door locks protect. The locks provide reassurance. Smart locks give you more control over your door locks, but if you’re unfamiliar with smart door locks, you might be confused about what to look for.

So here are some things to think about while looking for the finest smart door locks.

Integration of Smart Home Technology

A single service should ideally control your smart home. This entails connecting it to your virtual assistant, such as Alexa from Amazon, Google Assistant from Google, etc.

Although not necessary, the users to integrate your smart locking system to the rest of your Internet of Things gadgets is useful, so it’s worth considering.


You’ve decided to buy a door lock that links to your wifi network at work and home. It will charge more than a regular deadbolt because of the extra sophistication.

The amount of additional security relies on a variety of elements, including the lock’s technology. All you have to do now is figure out how much you’re willing and able to pay.

Choosing between keyless and keyed entry.

Most door locks require a key to open them, but if you misplace your keys or need to provide access to somebody else, you’ll have a new set created or ring a locksmith.

Anyone with even the correct code can open a keyless lock, but they require programming to set up and periodic battery replacements to keep them working.

We hope that this review of Gatehouse vs Kwikset will help you to find the right smart lock for your home!