What Can Google Home Do That Alexa Can’t?

If you are wondering which one is better- Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, let me make it easier for you by comparing what can Google Home do that Alexa can’t?

Google launched its personal assistant ‘Google Home’ in 2016, and since then, it makes frequent updates in its features to compete with its rival Amazon’s Alexa.

Some of these updated features that make Google Home simply better than Alexa are,

You can listen to Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

● Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are both very keen on promoting their in-house services, i.e., Amazons’ Prime Music and Google Play Music, respectively.

● But with Google Home, you can also tune in to YouTube music, but only if you have YouTube Red subscription – a feature Alexa doesn’t offer.

Don’t want to disturb your roomies; put it on Night Mode!

● If you are a night owl and don’t wish to scare other people, you can switch your Google Home settings to Night Mode.

● Night Mode will reduce the intensity of sounds and decrease the brightness of indicator lights on the speakers. Thus, fewer chances of disturbing the good night’s sleep of others.

Change the default voice of the speaker.

● If you are not a fan of the default sound system of either of the personal assistants, you can make the changes as per your likings.

● The catch is that Google Home provides you with the option to choose from different dialects and select between a male or a female voice, but Alexa will only offer you dialect change and comes with a single inbuilt female voice.

Google Home can recognize multiple commands.

● Google Home works better in identifying various commands in a single sentence. But you must make sure to use simple wording to help it comprehend the task better.

● On the other hand, Amazon’s Alexa is still way behind Google Home, and it can only understand one command at a time.

Google Home offers you a more Natural Conversation.

● While conversing with Alexa, you might have to provide it some information to find out what you are looking for.

● While Google Home delivers you a more fluid and Human-like conversation, it makes it a lot more natural than Alexa. This is a huge advantage of Google Home, as it can make conversing a seamless task.


To sum it up, both devices are some of the best AI smart voice control devices. This article states some unique things that can Google Home do that Alexa can’t.