Reasons Behind Your Amazon Alexa Blue Spinning Light

Are you confused why your Amazon Alexa starts displaying Blue Spinning Light every once in a while? Read this guide to decode the language of your Echo Device. 

The Amazon Echo Blue Spinning Light is the most common light ring you may witness on your Amazon Alexa device. You can see this light every time you proffer a voice command to your Alexa.

The Blue ring merely means that your Alexa is processing your request. 

You may also witness the Blue Spinning Light if your Alexa has restarted and is rebooting itself. Once the rebooting gets over, the blue light will not appear anymore.

Remember that Echo and Echo Dot may perform restarts and reboots on their own periodically.

What To Do If You Accidentally Trigger Your Alexa?

Sometimes, your Alexa device may pick up the outdoor noises or from other people talking in the room. In such cases, they might also misinterpret these noises as voice commands. 

Whenever Amazon Alexa captures such commands, it will glow with the blue spinning light to start processing that noise. 

Now, if this happened unintentionally, you can merely say “Alexa, stop,” and the blue spinning light will go off immediately.

However, if it continues to spin, restart your device, and the light will disappear.

The Different Patterns Of Blue Spinning Light

Let us now decode some of the common patterns in which the blue light may start spinning and what each way signifies.

Constant Blue Spinning Light

If your Amazon Alexa shows a constant blue light, it can be because of either of the two reasons mentioned here. 

Pairing Mode – Once your Alexa device is in pairing mode, it will not respond to any of your commands and display a constant blue spinning light. As soon as you pair your device successfully, the light will disappear. 

Software Update – Another reason for the continuous spinning of blue light can be an ongoing software update in the background.

If your Echo device is already paired with a gadget and still shows a spinning circle of constant blue light, your Alexa software is getting updated.

Once the update is finished, the light will go off, and you can use your device again.

Blue Light Appearing For A While

Whenever you give your Echo device any command, it will take a few moments to process it. The spinning blue ring indicates this processing period. Once the order gets processed, the light turns off. 

Blue Light Ring Succeeded By A Purple Flash

This also happens when you give any command to your Alexa. The purple flash that comes after merely indicates that you Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled.

If you have not enabled it, you can effortlessly turn it off using your smartphone application.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the blue spinning light on your echo device is nothing to worry about. It only occurs to symbolize the things mentioned above.