Schlage Smart Lock Not Working: How To Troubleshoot The Issue?

For residential entrance doors, Schlange is recognized for providing high-quality, dependable keyless door lock solutions.

However, because they are sophisticated locks with advanced machinery, users might sometimes have difficulty executing specific operations or getting past issues that would normally need a little troubleshooting.

If you’re experiencing difficulties and your Schlage smart lock is not working properly, here’s a quick set of instructions to assist you in fixing some of the most frequent problems.

Why is Schlage smart lock not working?

If the user password you provided doesn’t open your Schlage lock and the Schlage icon glows red with two beeps, it can not be an authenticated code. To unlock, you must first confirm whether you provided an authenticated key.

If the user combination does not open your Schlage lock and the Schlage icon flashes green, then red light with one high and one low beep, vacation system is activated.

When configured, no user codes will unlock the lock, limiting illegal entrance when nobody is at home for an incredibly long time. To turn off the vacation feature, do the following:

  • Fill in the programming user code (6 numbers).
  • Vacation mode will be effectively deactivated once the Schlage button flashes one green signal and you notice one continuous beeping.

Troubleshooting if Schlage smart lock not working?

Re-connect Schlage lock with the Z-Wave Network

  • Click on Z-Wave while being on the Hubitat dashboard home page. 
  • Commence your Z-Wave connection from the device’s discovery tab.
  • Push the Schlage button and start.
  • You’ll be prompted to input your six-digit programming code.
  • Tap the 0 key.
  • When you see a root indication, that implies you’ve connected to the Z-Wave system.
  • An X sign indicates that you have not connected to the network.

Checking the Status of Your Z-Wave Connection from the Lock

  • To begin, take off your battery cover.
  • Remove the battery’s connector immediately.
  • Reconnect the battery’s connector while keeping an eye on the inner Schlage switch.
  • If the lock is activated, the Schlage icon will flash.

Inspect to see whether the battery connector is still in place.

If you’re positive that your Schlage lock has the correct set of batteries, but it’s just not functioning, examine to see if the battery connector is undamaged.

While you are changing the battery, there are chances that the battery connector might get accidentally removed, and the lock will not operate unless the battery connector is correctly attached.

Why isn’t my Schlage lock responding to the Schlage app?

The Schlage Home app works exclusively with the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt (BE489WB) and the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt (BE489WB) (BE479).

If you have a Schlage Connect lock that uses Z-wave or Zigbee technology, you must link these with a suitable hub to operate it with the smartphone.

How Do You Repair A Broken Schlage Keypad?

Many consumers have reported problems with Schlage locks nowadays. In addition, customers have also been experiencing issues with the Schlage keypad, which is not functioning anymore.

Several other consumers are concerned about the security of their smart homes as a result of this problem.

Remove and reinsert the keypad if your Schlage smart lock is not working.

If you’re utilizing a smart home hub, like the Samsung SmartThings, they may be interfering with the keypad. In this scenario, you’ll have to physically unplug the keypad from the smart home hub’s connected gadgets.

Next, take the batteries out of your keypad. Allow the keypad to stand for a couple of moments. Then, put the batteries back into the keypad.

Now add the gadget to your smart hub by using the smart home hub’s menu. The Schlage keypad should be operational after this.

Restore the Factory Default settings.

We further recommend considering resetting the keypad back to its factory settings. Once you do that, the keypad options will be restored to their original configuration.

To restore the keypad to the original settings, you must carefully detach the product’s batteries. Then, tap and hold the Schlage switch for about 10-15 seconds.

Ensure to be careful while reconnecting the batteries at the same time frame. The gadget will automatically reset when you observe a green light and hear a beep note from the device.

There might be a loosened wire. 

The final thing to examine is that there may be a loose connection or wiring problems. There might be stray wiring. You would have to reinstall the gadget and be careful to secure every wire.

Contact the Customer Service Department.

If everything else continues to fail, approach the customer service staff. They will be able to provide you with a variety of options. Implementing these should assist you in determining and correcting the problem.