Alexa Makes Random Noises? Know Why And How To Solve It!

Have you heard your Alexa device making random noises like a random notification alert or a weird sound?

Cast an eye over this piece to learn the reasons behind it and how you can stop it. 

Let us first explore the different kinds of noises that may come from your Amazon Echo Devices.

Various Random Noises Made By Amazon Alexa

  • A spooky laugh that you might not want to hear when home alone.
  • A beeping sound or a chiming sound
  • A static-type noise
  • A ringing noise without your connected device ringing 

There are a lot of other sounds that may come from your Alexa device. Let us now learn how to stop them. 

How To Stop These Sounds?

Check for the following things when your Amazon Alexa makes random noises:

  1. Ask To Alexa Itself

The first thing to try is to ask Alexa itself, as it may give you the right reason. This method will usually work for random noises; however, keep reading if it doesn’t work.

  1. Check For The Paired Devices

Maybe you paired any device long ago, and it got auto-paired with your Alexa. It can also cause weird noises. You can merely ask Alexa to disconnect it or use the Alexa app to unpair. 

  1. Check The Voice Recording History Of Your Alexa

You can use the Alexa app to check the voice history. It has a complete list of every single command you have said to Alexa. This can help you to diagnose any miscommunication that may lead to these weird noises.

Besides, Alexa also records the sounds that it may interpret as misheard, labeled as ‘Audio not intended for this device.’

  1. Check The Activity Of Your Alexa

Next up, check the ‘Activity” section on your Amazon Alexa app to learn about all the activities that your Alexa device performed along with the reason.

If you notice something unexpected here, that can be the cause of the noises. 

  1. Ensure That The Whisper Mode Is Not Enabled

Whisper Mode or Brief Mode can help you to avoid the long answers given by Alexa. When you enable this mode, Alexa will only play a beep or chime to confirm that it heard your command.

However, if you are not the one who enabled it, these noises may seem weird or random. You can enable or disable whisper mode using the Amazon Alexa App.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, when your Alexa makes random noises, it is usually nothing to worry about. Check for the things mentioned above, and you can stop these noises effortlessly.