Alexa Follow-Up Mode Not Working? Here Is the Solution!

Are you wondering why Alexa follow-up mode is not working? Technology has made our lives easier, and with Alexa, we ought to complete our tasks on time.

But recently, we have discovered some issues faced by the users complaining about how Alexa’s follow-up mode doesn’t respond to the commands.

Alexa Follow-Up Mode Not Working

Users generally face problems such as Alexa not acknowledging the voice or Alexa not understanding the commands even after trying several times.

And it gets challenging to keep calm under such situations while you are constantly testing and speaking in different tones so that Alexa understands your command. 

But all it has to say is, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question,” or it might misunderstand the words you are trying to say and confuse with some other phrase.

If this happens more than once, Alexa might not be able to recognize your voice at all. To make it work efficiently, try these solutions to get Alexa back on track.


  • While giving the command, check if there is a Wi-Fi connection. If Alexa still does not respond, try shifting the device to a different location so that it can hear the command.
  •  You can also try to unplug and reconnect with every device. Put your login details all over again. This will help you understand where the problem might be.
  • Another solution to Alexa not responding is you might want to tune your voice in the voice training tool. This will help Alexa to understand better and differentiate your commands and sound.
  • You can also try to disconnect with the Bluetooth speaker and reconnect for Alexa to work better. These can be the possible solutions to the problems you all are facing.

Final Words

Even after trying these solutions, if Alexa’s follow-up mode does not work, you must contact Amazon’s Customer care.

They would reach out to you and can help in troubleshooting the problem Alexa might be facing.