Can You Make Alexa Play Ominous Music?

Of late, the users of Alexa started putting commands of playing ominous music. It did actually work for some people. But for some, it didn’t work. 

This raised a lot of confusion and questions among the users of the Alexa smart device. Some people were eagerly looking for Alexa to play ominous music.

This became so popular that many online threads were created too. People were coming up with questions about why their Echo device can’t play ominous music.

However, the clear answer to this question is YES! You just need to do as mentioned in the steps mentioned below:

Alexa Play Ominous Music

  • Make sure that you use the wake word “Echo.”
  • Alexa is a smart AI that is perfectly designed to act as a smart home assistant. Controlling this device is indeed easy. It has some specific wake words like “Alexa” “echo.” These words are used to wake up the device. After this, you just need to give voice commands.
  • The device is designed so that as soon as it listens to your commands, it will start executing it. You can give orders to play music or schedule an alarm. 
  • Whatever the command may be, the device is efficient to listen to all your queries. If you don’t clearly say the word “Echo,” then it won’t wake up.
  • Secondly, you need to make sure that there is a separate playlist of ominous music on your phone. This is important, or else Alexa can play something weird.
  • Now, you just need to give the command “Alexa play ominous music.”

Summing Up

Therefore, it is clear that you can play ominous music on your Alexa. All you have to do is create a separate playlist beforehand to allow everything to go smoothly.

It is hoped that all of your doubts and queries regarding playing ominous music on the device are clear now.