Can Alexa Control Spectrum Cable Box: A Comprehensive Guide!

If you are wondering- can Alexa control Spectrum Cable Box or not? Here are the answers to all your questions. 

Can Alexa Control Spectrum Cable Box?

Though you cannot directly control the Spectrum Cable Box through Alexa, there are some ways to get it done quickly. 

How To Control Your Spectrum Cable Box Using Alexa?

Control Your Spectrum Cable Box With Amazon Alexa using these two ways:

1. Purchase Additional Devices

The first way to make this work is to purchase an RM Mini 3 along with a plugin IR extender.

Using these devices, you can effortlessly control your Spectrum Box with Alexa. This is the best way if you don’t have a harmony hub at your home. 

2. Connect It With Your Harmony Hub

You can use this more straightforward way if you possess any Harmony Hub. All you have to do is connect your cable box with Harmony Hub, and you can quickly get control over your smart TV using Alexa. 

These are the only two methods you can use to control your Spectrum TV Cable Box With Amazon.

There is no other way; however, these two are easy and can be quickly done. 

More On Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV is an incredible way to get access to plenty of HD and premium channels. You can control your smart TV by downloading the app. Spectrum Cable Box decodes digital signals to display the channel of your choice. 

Once you connect your smart devices, you can use your Alexa voice command to change volume, switch your cable on or off and do several other tasks. 

The Bottom Line

All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned here and your Alexa can control your Spectrum cable box. This way you can attain complete voice control over your smart TV!