why alexa is so dumb

Why Alexa Is So Dumb And How To Use It Conveniently?

Are you wondering why Alexa is so dumb? Well, check here to get your answers and learn to make the most out of your device.  Alexa is one of the greatest inventions of Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, no matter how far we have achieved in terms of technology, there are still a few loopholes. Many …

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alexa come on in the middle of the night

Why Does Alexa Come on in the Middle of the Night?

Are you facing issues with your Amazon Echo device or wondering why does Alexa comes on in the middle of the night. This is because Alexa turns on by itself in the middle of the night, which is obviously annoying for many users. But don’t worry; if you are facing such an issue, there can be …

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wemo plug not responding to Alexa

How To Fix If WeMo Plug Not Responding To Alexa?

If you face the issue of WeMo Plug not responding to Alexa, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get to know all the possible ways to fix the issue.  WeMo plug is a leading and the most reliable smart plug in the business. You can use WeMo plugs to control different appliances …

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alexa problem entering pairing mode

DIY Fix: Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode!

One of the most important features of Alexa is that it is well compatible with all other popular smart devices. This implies that you can have complete voice authority over your smart appliances using Alexa. However, many users face issues like Alexa having a problem entering pairing mode. There can be plenty of reasons behind …

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amazon echo keeps rebooting

Amazon Echo Keeps Rebooting- How To Fix This?

Amazon Echo’s introduction to smart home solutions has been revolutionary. It helped people of all classes experience the luxury of convenience while adding a touch of high-end technology.  The accessible approach of Amazon Echo lets you control your home with voice commands and proves to be a great step ahead for providing effortless solutions. While …

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can alexa control z-wave devices

Can Alexa Control Z-wave Devices? Get your Answers Now

Do you want to connect Alexa with Z-wave devices? If you are skeptical about – Can Alexa control Z-wave devices, check out this article to get your answers. Yes, Alexa can control Z-wave devices present within their smart home network but with the help of a hub. The following are some Z-Wave and Alexa-compatible gadgets …

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echo dot volume too low

How to Easily Fix if Echo Dot Volume Too Low?

Are you facing issues with your Amazon Echo device? Is there a problem with Echo dot volume being too low? Don’t worry; this guide will help you with some DIY steps to fix this issue.  4 DIY Ways For Echo Dot Volume Too Low 1. Check The Skill Volume If your Alexa’s voice is usually …

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echo show screen timeout

Echo Show Screen Timeout – 4 Easy Ways To Fix It!

Echo Show is a very useful device in tracking your movements all over the room. However, there might be times when you may be facing issues with your Echo device.  For instance, some users may face the issue of Echo Show Screen Timeout. If you are one of those, don’t worry, just keep reading! Repair …

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Fire TV Cube Vs Echo Dot

Fire TV Cube Vs Echo Dot – Buy The Best!

Fire TV Cube and Echo Dot are among the popular devices developed by Amazon. Both of them allow you to have voice control over your devices. However, there is a huge difference between them.  Scrolling down, you can find our take on Fire TV Cube Vs Echo Dot, so you can make an informed decision …

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