sometimes alexa talks by herself

Sometimes Alexa Talks By Herself: Error Solved!

“Alexa! Stop talking by yourself.” Gasp, there is no command like above. Sometimes you being the Alexa or Echo owner, might get horrified by the sudden awakening of Alexa. Have you experienced that sometimes Alexa talks by herself? But why does this happen? Get four simple and quick solutions in this article. So, let’s start …

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stop alexa from saying ok

How to Stop Alexa from Saying OK?

There is no doubt that Alexa has helped technology to reach new heights. Alexa, in itself, is such a great technological invention. However, though it offers such convenience to the users, sometimes it becomes annoying. Every time Alexa is turned on, it says, “OK.” This habit of Alexa irritates many users.  This feature of Alexa …

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smart life not working with alexa

Smart Life Not Working With Alexa – A Quick Fix

Are you facing issues with your Alexa? Is your Smart Life not working with Alexa? Check for solutions here! What to do If Smart Life Not Working With Alexa? There can be various reasons why you may be facing this issue. Let us discuss each of them and also see how you can solve them.  …

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why does alexa randomly light up

Why Does Alexa Randomly Light Up? Reasons For Each Light Color!

Are you confused about why does Alexa randomly light up? Read here about the various reasons behind it.  Amazon Echo devices use different colors of light to indicate various alerts or notifications. For instance, when you give a command, the Alexa lights start spinning in response.  But sometimes, Alexa randomly lights up all of a …

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how to set up amazon echo dot

5 Easy Steps – How to Set Up Amazon Echo Dot

Are you struggling with how to set up an Amazon Echo Dot device? Here are 5 simple steps to set up your amazon device. As you know this device is a smaller version of the amazon echo smart speaker, and it is able to play music, control the smart devices in your home, provide the …

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Can I Play Music On Multiple Echo Devices Simultaneously?(Solved)

Are you wondering if it is possible to Play Music On Multiple Echo Devices? Check out this piece to get your answers.  One of the most prominent features of Amazon Alexa devices for music lovers is that you can connect all your Echo devices and create a musical environment at your abode. However, what if …

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alexa app no conversation icon

Alexa App No Conversation Icon – What do to?

Are you wondering why you face Amazon Alexa App no conversation icon issue? Check out this guide to solve your problem. Where Is The Conversation Icon In The Alexa App? Sometimes, it may be because you might not have the latest version of the app. So, update your app and try to sign out, and …

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no conversation icon alexa

How To Break The Issue Of No Conversation Icon Alexa?

Are you wondering why there is no conversation icon Alexa? Check out this guide to find a credible solution. One of the most notable features of Amazon Alexa devices is that users can connect their phones and receive calls and messages on their Echo device. Moreover, you can also message or call whoever you want …

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how to turn off alexa off at night

A Quick Guide On How To Turn Alexa Off At Night?

Do you want to learn how to turn Alexa off at night before going to bed? Then, check out this quick guide to know more.  One of the best features of the Alexa device is speaking your notifications and alerts to you. Though it is indubitably an excellent feature, it can be trouble sometimes, especially …

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