Sometimes Alexa Talks By Herself: Error Solved!

“Alexa! Stop talking by yourself.”

Gasp, there is no command like above. Sometimes you being the Alexa or Echo owner, might get horrified by the sudden awakening of Alexa.

Have you experienced that sometimes Alexa talks by herself? But why does this happen?

Get four simple and quick solutions in this article. So, let’s start it without any further delay.

Why Does Sometimes Alexa Talks By Herself- Reasons

The main cause behind this incident is-

Alexa heard a syllable like LEXA, DEXA, HEXA, or any word sounding like Alexa. Not only this, many other reasons cause Alexa to talk by herself.

Other reasons may include:

  • Overload of commands.
  • Misinterpretation of words.
  • Connection issues, etc.

Is Alexa turning into an Anabella Doll?

To date, the internet is overflowing with the questions from Alexa Echo owners like:

Alexa starts laughing anytime in a creepy manner.” This is a matter of concern.

Imagine the incident mentioned above happens at midnight!

It will turn into a terrible nightmare.

But don’t worry, you are not alone in who is facing this trouble. Other users are also suffering from it. And yes, to your relief, Alexa is not haunted. So, get a chill pill, folks!

How to Stop Alexa from Talking by herself?

There are FOUR main helping lines for solving this question, and they are as follows:

  • Open the Companion application and log in to your account. Now look for the hamburger icon at the top-left corner and search for the settings option in it. Open Settings and look at the routines of your Alexa Echo device. If you find anything weird, remove it from the list. This solution might help.
  • Another solution is to keep a regular check on Alexa’s history. You can search for the History option using the Alexa app. Eradicate something that you think is weird in history and try to solve the problem.
  • Users have also reported that Alexa wakes up due to different Bluetooth devices connected with it. So, check your Bluetooth devices as well.
  • Command Alexa by saying, “Alexa, turn Do Not Disturb Mode ON.” This is the BEST SOLUTION for this problem.

Sometimes Alexa Talks By Herself – Wrapping Up

If any of the solutions didn’t help, try rebooting your device once. If it causes trouble, visit your nearest shop and try to seek out what is causing Alexa to behave vulnerably.

I hope you might have found all the required information on why sometimes Alexa talks by herself from this article.

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