A Guide On How To Make Alexa Laugh?

Are you willing to learn about your Alexa’s laughing feature? Check out this quick guide to learn – how to make Alexa laugh?

Alexa has a lot of unique and immersive features, one of them being its ability to laugh.

It is usually regarded as an add-on feature or an additional amusement that comes with Alexa. Moreover, Alexa features so many different kinds of laughs. Notable, isn’t it?

Scrolling down is a detailed description of different laughs featured on Alexa and how to enable them. 

What Is Laugh Box?

Laugh Box is a skill that enables you to play various kinds of laughter on your Alexa.

This feature is meant to decrease your stress levels and entertain you. Alexa not only plays different laughs for you but also defines them. 

How To Make Alexa Laugh? 

All you have to do is enable the Laugh Box skill and ask your Alexa, “Open Laugh Box.” Alexa will immediately process your command and play random laughter.

Once it ends, you can either ask Alexa to play any laugh again or define them. Use the following commands –

  • To play the same laughter again, simply say “More.”
  • To play any specific laughter, ask, “Play me a sinister laugh.”
  • To know the definition of any laughter, ask, “What is a baby laugh?”

There are several kinds of laughter that Alexa can play and define for you, some of them being evil laugh, creepy laugh, baby laugh, sinister laugh, and the list goes on. 

How To Make Alexa Laugh – Conclusion

All in all, Alexa can not only turn your abode into a smart home but can also make a good laughter partner for you.

So, the next time you want to burst into laughter, merely follow the steps mentioned here, and you can make your Alexa laugh in different forms.