How to Fix the – ‘Sorry Your Echo Lost Its Connection’ Error?

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker at your service that responds to your voice commands which you have to enable in the app, and make it do things by not just saying “Alexa” and the work you want to be done.

Internet connection is essential for Echo to work as we all have faced the lost connection error situations.

So if we want to enjoy the services of the Echo, and want to know how to cope with the ‘Sorry your echo lost its connection’ error. Here are some of the simple ways to it.

Ways to Fix the ‘Sorry Your Echo Lost Its Connection’ Error

Check the WI-FI: Before blaming the device, we should check our Wi-Fi or internet connection because, through that, all AI-driven devices run.

Power Recycling the Echo: This is the most common DIY method used with gadgets. Try restarting the Echo device, keeping in mind that your connection is stable & working.

Reset the device: If the Echo device still doesn’t start, try a factory reset and start the device as new. Here is a little step by step process to perform that:

·   Insert a needle in the hole located at the base and press the Reset button.

·   Press the button until the light turns off and then turns orange; this implies that your device is into the setup mode now.

·   Then, open your app on the phone and start the factory reset.

This definitely works.

Repositioning the Echo Dot: Try moving the router and the Echo device to monitor the Wi-Fi frequency. Also, keep away all the other electronic devices in between them as it may hamper the signaling and, therefore, interfere with the Echo Dot’s work.

Contact Amazon Customer Support: If none of these ways work, this is the last resort to go to. Don’t wait back and contact Amazon customer support, and hopefully, they will resolve the issue of ‘Sorry Your Echo Lost Its Connection.’

The Bottom Line

All the devices have some technical issues, but they are not as much compared to the amazing features and privileges it offers you.

So enjoy the incredible services that Echo Dot provides and don’t hesitate to contact the retailer in case of any issue.

Let’s make a home for Echo Dot!