How To Break The Issue Of No Conversation Icon Alexa?

Are you wondering why there is no conversation icon Alexa? Check out this guide to find a credible solution.

One of the most notable features of Amazon Alexa devices is that users can connect their phones and receive calls and messages on their Echo device.

Moreover, you can also message or call whoever you want using voice commands. 

However, there are specific pre-requirements to be able to use this feature of Amazon Alexa. 

And if you are facing an issue of no conversation icon showing up on Alexa, you won’t be able to use this feature. 

This article lists the various reasons why you may be facing this issue.

No Conversation Icon Alexa

The first thing worth noticing is that you can only use this feature on a smartphone. This implies that if you are trying to use it with an iPad or a Notebook, you won’t be able to do it. 

Besides, even if you have a smartphone, it is necessary to check whether your smartphone supports this feature or not. You can simply figure this out by searching on the web. 

If you meet all the requirements and still cannot find the conversation icon on Alexa, keep reading. 

How To Fix The Bug Of No Conversation Icon Alexa?

If you are trying to use this feature on a smartphone that supports it, you might be facing a bug. You can quickly fix this by restarting your app and re-logging your account. 

The Bottom Line

All in all, the reasons mentioned here justify why you might be facing the issue of a no conversation icon on Alexa.

Besides, if you fulfill all the requirements to use this feature and it is just a bug, you can fix it quickly.