Alexa Skills Not Working- What Are The Ways To Fix This Issue?

There can be times when you face the issue of your Alexa skills not working. This can be a result of a few problems.

There can also be a problem with how the Skill is implemented in your smart home. 

If you come across an Alexa skill that is not working, you can try the following ways:

  • The first and foremost thing you must make sure of is that Alexa is connected to Wi-Fi. If the device is not connected to Wi-Fi, it will not process your voice commands. 
  • Secondly, it is crucial to ensure you are using the correct phrase to fix Alexa skills not working. You need to use the proper activation phrase. 
  • Also, you need to check if there is parental permission required for the skills. There are specific skills that you can’t activate without parental consent. For such skills, enabling must be done from the home screen. This is usually the case with child-focussed skills. 
  • At times, the Skill gets disabled for some reason. During such instances, you just need to enable the Skill again from the Skills menu. 
  • If the Skill has worked but has suddenly stopped working, it can result from an error. For this, you just need to disable the Skill and re-able it. 
  • Also, you need to check if the device is on the correct profile. 

Alexa Skills Not Working – Conclusion

All in all, Alexa Skills are one of the most critical features of an Alexa. It is these skills that help in experiencing unlimited creativity while controlling your smart home with smart devices.

So, if Alexa’s skills are not working, it can cause difficulties. If you face any issue similar to this, you must try the ways mentioned above to fix it.

However, if you still face the problem, you might need to contact Amazon customer support.