alexa can't find music

Reasons Why Alexa Can’t Find Music And How To Fix Them?

Is your Amazon Alexa unable to find any music in your library? Read this guide to know the several reasons behind it and how you can fix this issue.  Music Streaming With Alexa Device  One among the tons of features of Amazon’s Alexa is that you can connect it to any music streaming platform and …

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alexa blue light spinning

Reasons Behind Your Amazon Alexa Blue Spinning Light

Are you confused why your Amazon Alexa starts displaying Blue Spinning Light every once in a while? Read this guide to decode the language of your Echo Device.  The Amazon Echo Blue Spinning Light is the most common light ring you may witness on your Amazon Alexa device. You can see this light every time …

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alexa app white screen

Why My Alexa App Has White Screen

Alexa app white screen happens when the app’s process halts at the white setup screen and defies to go back to normal. A few steps can help you fix the Alexa app white screen on your android phone to fix the issue. Check Compatibility Often this issue arises when the app is not compatible with …

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