Can I Play Music On Multiple Echo Devices Simultaneously?(Solved)

Are you wondering if it is possible to Play Music On Multiple Echo Devices? Check out this piece to get your answers. 

One of the most prominent features of Amazon Alexa devices for music lovers is that you can connect all your Echo devices and create a musical environment at your abode.

However, what if you want to play different tunes in different parts of your house? 

So, coming straight to the point, the answer is – Yes, you can simultaneously play music on multiple Echo devices. 

Now, the question remains, how to do this?

Play Music On Multiple Echo Devices

The first thing to do is to disable the multi-room option, and then you can choose from various alternatives. For instance, you can either play a different song on all your devices or group them into sections to play specific music. 

All you need is your Alexa App to set this up. Ensure that all your devices are already connected to your Alexa App

How To Set It Up?

Before we start to set this up, the first thing is to ensure that you have given a unique name to all your devices to recognize them in the App instantly. 

Now here, you have to choose whether you want to group your devices or play different music on all of them. 

How To Group Your Echo Devices?

If you want to group your Echo devices to play music, follow these quick steps.

  • Look Under The Playback Section.
  • There will be an option to ‘select some devices to play music.’
  • Ensure that the music is already playing; then all you have to do is select the devices you want to play your music. 
  • This way, you can handily group your devices to play a particular tune. 
  • Now let us look at how to assign individual music to your devices. 

How To Play Individual Music On Each Echo Device?

Though it is not as handy as grouping the devices, these steps will help you get your work done hassle-free. 

  • Open the Alexa App and configure each device individually. 
  • Scroll down and find the music playback settings. 
  • Then you can select the music you want to play on that specific device. 

It is a little challenging because you will have to keep changing the settings for each device. However, you can create a long playlist for each Echo Device to avoid this hassle. 

Final Words – Play Music On Multiple Echo Devices

All in all, whether you want to group your Echo devices or play individual music on them, this guide will indeed help you to get your work done.

Follow these quick steps and enjoy personal playlists for your Echo devices.