DIY Fix: Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode!

One of the most important features of Alexa is that it is well compatible with all other popular smart devices. This implies that you can have complete voice authority over your smart appliances using Alexa.

However, many users face issues like Alexa having a problem entering pairing mode. There can be plenty of reasons behind such issues.

It often says- Sorry, there was a problem entering pairing mode. But don’t worry, as there are several DIY ways to fix this. Here, you will learn about all such methods to improve the Alexa problem entering pairing mode.

Alexa problem entering pairing mode – What to do? 

  • Ensure That Your Amazon Echo Is Updated

One of the most common reasons is that you may be running an old version, resulting in all such matters. 

You can give a voice command to your Alexa, saying, “Alexa, check if there are any software updates,” it will proceed to check, and if there is any update available, you can download it. 

Once your device is updated, you may try to pair it with other smart appliances.

However, even after the update, there’s an issue; try the other way.

  • Unpair And Repair

If there are any connectivity issues, they will generally get solved by pairing and unpairing your devices especially, if it’s a Bluetooth device.

To do this, go to the settings via your Alexa app. After this, you need to click the Echo device and choose Bluetooth. Lastly, remove all the paired devices. 

To pair again, say “Pair.” Alexa will immediately put your Echo device in discovery mode. Next, go to the Bluetooth settings of your device and pair it with your Alexa. 

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, the steps mentioned here are efficient in most cases and can help you solve the Alexa problem entering pairing mode.

However, if these ways don’t work out, you must contact the Amazon support system to fix your problem.