Echo Remote Not Working: How To Fix That?

Amazon Echo is perhaps the best popular smart gadget that could be used to execute various activities using your voice.

For example, you may queue for a variety of things with simple voice commands. The possibilities are limitless, ranging from simply playing music to controlling your smart home.

Echo Remote Not Working Solutions

Many consumers have complained about various problems with their Echo control. However, when such consumers were questioned about the problem, they stated that their Echo remote was not working at all.

As a consequence, they are both perplexed and upset since they have no notion what to do next.

In this post, we will explore all of the possible options for resolving the problem of your Amazon Echo remote not working.

Examine the Remote Batteries

A remote must have a continual source of power via batteries in order to function correctly. Nevertheless, if you use your remote consistently for lengthy periods of time, the battery packs will burn out in a few months.

When this occurs, you will begin to lose much of the remote’s functionality. If this is the case for you, all you need to do is replace the batteries in the remote.

Pairing is a wise solution.

Another option for resolving the issue is to link the remote with your Amazon Echo device. To do the same, we propose that you take these steps:

  • Navigate to your preferences.
  • In the Alexa application, pair your remote with Alexa.
  • So, while Amazon Echo is scanning, press down the Play/Pause button on the remote for five seconds.

Purple Spinning Light should be looked for.

It’s possible that you have many remotes connected if you see a purple spinning light on the gadget. In any event, you’ll need to hit the Play/Pause button on the remote. Make sure you follow this method on the remote you choose to connect.

Closer proximity to your device is a good thing to try.

Bluetooth is used on the Echo Remote. This implies that it does not require a device to be in a direct line of sight to function.

To put it another way, it can communicate across walls and even various levels of a structure.

It does, however, have limitations. For example, if the remote isn’t functioning, bring it closer to the Echo to see if you’ve exceeded the device’s Bluetooth range.

Replace it if necessary.

Another possibility is that you have a defective device, which is causing this problem. In any event, the remote will need to be replaced. You might want to try calling customer service.

If the remote was defective from the start, or if it is still within warranty, you should then be able to acquire a replacement device for free!


Using an Echo remote is easier and handier than ever before. It’s actually a next-generation remote with built-in voice command and Bluetooth technology.

So when it quits working, it’s natural for you to feel suffocated.

Keep in mind the remote is linked after you’ve double-checked that your batteries are in good working condition as well as the remote itself isn’t damaged.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get the remote to work, try rebooting the remote and your device.

If you really need a new remote as a result of the problem, be certain your warranty is still valid before purchasing one.

FAQ’s About Echo Remote Not Working

How can I know whether the manufacturer’s warranty still covers my Echo Remote?

Firstly, make very sure you bought the remote (if it wasn’t included with your Echo device) from or a verified Amazon reseller.

If this is the case, the remote should come with one-year warranty coverage.

Your product qualifies for one-year warranty coverage if it is certified reconditioned. Check Amazon’s website for additional information on their warranty and to check whether your remote applies.

Is the functionality of all Echo remotes the same?

Yes. Any Echo remote should link with any Echo device flawlessly. Follow the steps mentioned above to pair the remote with the device, and you’ll be able to activate it.

Is a Remote Included with the New Echo Devices?

An Echo remote is bundled with the most recent version of Echo, the Echo Show 8. In addition, a new Echo remote is included with a number of new Echo devices.

A remote was not included with earlier versions of the Echo. However, one may be purchased separately from or a registered Amazon reseller.

Is it possible to link my Fire TV to my Echo?

Amazon has made it possible to link your Fire TV to the Echo device. To put it another way, you can now link all Alexa-enabled devices to build a whole-home entertainment system.

You could operate anything with one Echo remote if everything is connected properly.