Amazon Tap Charging: How to Use and How to Fix It?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use your Alexa Tap:

1. Charge your Amazon Tap

  • Plug the included charging cable and power adapter into the charging cradle
  • Plug it into a power outlet
  • Place your Amazon Tap on the charging cradle
  • Power on the device

A blue light will turn on at the top. As soon as the lights change to orange, Alexa will activate and greet you. You can charge your Amazon by tapping and plugging the cable into the port on the back.

2. Set up your Amazon Tap

Firstly, download the free Amazon Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone, which will guide you to get more out of your Amazon Tap.

You can check the overview of your notifications and also manage your news, lists, setting, and music.

You can download the app from your mobile browser at:

Once you install the Amazon Alexa app, navigate the settings and click on ‘Set up a new device. You will have to connect your Amazon Tap to the Internet during setup to enjoy the Amazon streaming service.

So be ready with your WiFi password to connect to the Internet right away. Now, press the WiFi/Bluetooth button for about 5 seconds to get started.

3. Get started with Amazon Tap Charging

a. Talk to your Amazon Tap

To talk to your Amazon Tap, press the talk button. Wait for the start tone and then start talking to your Amazon Tap directly.

Check out the ‘Things to Try’ card that will assist you in getting started.

b. Set up Bluetooth

Amazon Tap can also be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker that lets you connect it to your tablet or smartphone at your home or anywhere out.

Further to pair your mobile device via Bluetooth, press the Bluetooth button on the Amazon Tap quickly.

c. Check the battery level

To get the accurate status of the battery, press the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously.

What to do If Alexa Tap is not Working?

Many users have reported having problems with using Amazon Tap Charging. The most reported issue by the users has been Amazon Tap not charging.

Following are a few ways you can try to resolve the problems you are facing with your Amazon Tap:

1. Spot Obstructions in the Charging Cradle

If you are facing problems with the Amazon Tap charging it is recommended to try unplugging the charging cradle to remove your Amazon Tap from the wall.

Now. Check for any obstruction blocking your device.      

In case you find any obstruction, then remove it. After you are done, place the device back to its original position and then plug it back in with the cable, as opposed to that.

If you don’t find any obstructions, then quickly proceed with the following step.

2. Charging Port Might be Dirty

The second and most probable reason for Amazon Tap not charging might be the charging port. It might be dirty or even faulty.

If such is the case, we suggest you unplug the charging cradle then check all the ports.

If you find a dirty port with debris or dust inside it, you must clean it using a compressed air can to blow out the dirt. Next, continue by placing the device back to the charging cradle then plugging it on the wall.

Now, check whether the device is charging or not.    

3. Defective Charging Port

Another reason for your Amazon Tap not charging could be a faulty charging port.

In such a case, when you find out that you have been using a defective charging port, we suggest you replace it with a fresh one.

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