Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote – Absolute Guide

Want to play Simon Says with your Amazon Echo device? Check out this guide to learn about Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote, and more. 

Among all the fantastic things that Alexa can do, Simon Says is a game you can install on your Alexa device. 

It is a skill that you need to add to your account to make your boring sessions fun and interesting. 

Let us first learn the rules of Simon Says. 

How To Play Simon Says With Alexa?

It is quite a simple game; all you have to do is start the game and then follow the instructions given by Alexa and complete your tasks. 

The exciting thing about this game is that you have only to follow the commands that begin with “Simon Says.” 

Alexa will randomly give out instructions. You need to focus on whether they start with Simon Says or not. 

All you have to do is perform the tasks starting with this catchword and overlook all the others. 

If anyone attempts to perform any task that doesn’t start with “Simon Says” or fails to execute their task, they will lose the game. 

The last person who remains in the game becomes the winner. 

How To Start The Game?

Once you have added the skill for this game, give this command, “Alexa, start Simon Says,” and the game will begin. 

After completing the task, say, “Next.”

If you want to end the game, merely say, “Alexa, stop.”

What Is Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote?

To make the game hassle-free, you can use the Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote.

For instance, if you go to another room to carry out your task, it becomes challenging to follow the echo device’s instructions.

In that case, the remote aids you in triggering commands and calls from your Alexa to proceed with your game.

Using the remote will make the game more pleasant and interesting. 

Can I Play Simon Says Without Remote?

If you don’t have the remote, you can still play Simon Says.

The only thing is that you will have to carry your Amazon Echo device along with you. If your device is compact, it will not be an issue. 

The Bottom Line

All in all, Simon Says is a straightforward and fun game you can play using your Amazon Echo devices.

You can play it with Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote to make it more hassle-free and exciting; however, even if you don’t have the remote, you can enjoy the thrill of this game by carrying your device with you.