Top 4 Wink Relay Alternative

Wink Relay is well-known around the globe as one of the finest inventive solutions. It includes a smart, touch sensing screen module for controlling all of your house’s home automation solutions.

In addition, there are two buttons on the lateral side which you can utilize to monitor multiple lighting if you want a mechanical experience to a button on a smart home switch. 

Nonetheless, these switches are not like any regular electrical switches, although they do function in conjunction with Wi-Fi on the very same module as the other components of the circuit.

The Wink relay was prominent. However, it has become outdated, and no new versions have been disclosed. 

However, if you’re searching for a good and more up-to-date Wink relay alternative solution, below are a couple of options you’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

Wink Relay Alternative Options

Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation Smart Automation Hub
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The Samsung SmartThings smart home hub is the safest alternative for almost all of the Zigbee as well as Z-Wave facilitated home automation devices

The primary goal of this gadget is to give you complete command in the tips of your fingers.

The greatest feature about Samsung SmartThings would be that you wouldn’t have to stress having to switch among numerous different applications for distinct appliances or using different communication protocols for each one of these devices.

The fact that it has a backup means of contact through Bluetooth helps make it much more helpful because you could still operate all of the gadgets even though you don’t really have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Not just that, but then you also receive an installed backup battery for situations when the electricity fails down, allowing users to provide a more smooth and rewarding experience with these gadgets.

Samsung SmartThings features its personal application that can also be completely adjusted to suit preferences and requirements in order for you to provide a comprehensive encounter with all of it. 

So if you’re searching for something better sophisticated and fantastic than Wink Relay, this really is the finest choice.


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Although you still can purchase pre-programmed apps or home automation smart hubs, COVI is the ideal option if you prefer a little customization and also have a solid understanding of technology.

This is indeed a lovely light with voice capabilities that also serves as a home automation smart hub. 

However, as appealing as it may appear to you, everything is real, and you might make this ideal decision for your house to have a comprehensive home automation environment.

The lamp is a fully accessible home automation smart hub that you should configure to your liking. 

The voice recognition unit makes it that much simpler to manage, and your routine will be handier than it ever has previously.

You may connect as many gadgets as you like, and it works with a wide variety of gadgets. You may arrange your gadgets as per the routines, establish Wi-Fi schedules, set alerts, as well as enjoy ambience illumination from the lamp that seems to be completely reprogrammable depending on the specific preferences or time of day.

Securifi Almond+

Securifi Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi system
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If you did not intend to use the phone or indeed any gadget with the home automation controller, this would be the best option for your home. 

It is among the limited standard efficient routers available. However, it performs perfectly, and you would be happy to keep it handy.

The principal advantage of this router would be that it features its own 2.8″ touch-based interface, allowing you total control over some of the functions and gadgets that you may have associated with it.

If you’re not a technology wizard and want to have a straightforward and sensible way to operate everything, this would be the way to go. 

It may be used as a basic alarm system on your living room table or perhaps the bedside and seems wonderful with the appropriate decor.

Nonetheless, if you’re hoping for a device that’s self-contained, configurable, and simple to operate, this is a great alternative choice to Wink Relay. 

You may have a smooth user experience similar to Wink Relay and much easier with the assistance of this technology.

Hubitat Elevation

Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub
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Incredibly quick and designed to make the best of processing and analysis. The most effective Lutron integration is available. 

Wink formerly was the sole smart hub with direct compatibility for Lutron gadgets; Hubitat is just the next greatest option.

It does need specialized hardware, but mostly because this is really the only method to keep the gadgets operating locally, away from the network, allowing for quicker, more accurate, and private correspondence. 

And, unlike with Wink, you can utilize the Pico remote controls to automate any gadget in the home automation, not only other Lutron devices.

Helpful and engaging community with a plethora of information, applications, and customizable solutions for gadgets, which together operate locally in the connection once configured. 

The number of Z-Wave and ZigBee gadgets that are compatible is remarkable.

Complete and total access over the sophisticated system as well as features of the product is available. 

You choose which gadgets are handled locally and which can be analyzed in the cloud, and what has been stored on your local system and what you would access remotely via the application. 

For voice recognition, it integrates well with Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google Home.