Troubleshooting Methods On No Module Named Googlesamples.Assistant.Auth_helpers

Google Assistant allows consumers to operate various smart gadgets more effectively. Users can connect your Google Assistant to hundreds of devices.

However, you won’t have to think about interoperability concerns until you purchase anything really from an uncommon brand. Thus, if you want to build your house smarter, it is strongly suggested that you utilize Google Assistant.

Nevertheless, customers have lately reported experiencing problems locating the googlesamples.assistant.auth helpers module.

In this article, we shall go through several solutions that you may apply to resolve this specific problem.

No Module Named Googlesamples.Assistant.Auth_helpers Solutions


The initial step ought to be to set up all of the parameters listed below. What you must do is start by entering.

  • pip install –upgrade google-api-python-client
  • pip install –upgrade google-auth-oauthlib[tool]
  • google-oauthlib-tool –client-secrets path/to/client_secret_XXXXX.json –scope –save –headless

After that, users will indeed be routed to the URL in which you must approve the Google account. Enter the permission key inside the prompt, and the problem should just be resolved.

Python should be installed again.

If this issue does not resolve the problem, you might consider updating Python to the most recent version applicable.

If you have Windows installed, navigate to the control center and remove the Python application. Then, launch the activity tracker to terminate all processes associated with this software immediately.

After that, start the terminal and navigate to the library section. Start by removing the python folder in it.

Thereafter, relaunch the computer and reinstall the most recent Python program. If such a procedure appears to be far too difficult, you may certainly resort to a Video lesson to walk you through every stage.

Switch to a different computer system

To determine the exact issue, we advise installing Google Assistant on a different computer system.

If it operates successfully on another computer system, you may fix or try to reinstall Windows again on the first Computer system.

This procedure will resolve any small issues that have been the source of the conflict in the first case.

Therefore, if you need to save money and time, and if none of the other remedies appears to be working, try to reinstall Windows on the computer.

Discussions threads online

If you are still having trouble, we suggest seeking expert assistance. You might be able to resolve the problem by approaching Google support.

Try to assist the support staff members in identifying the real situation, be certain to include all essential facts about the concern.

They will indeed be better equipped to advise you after they have pinpointed the genuine problem. To successfully troubleshoot the issue, implement all of their instructions.

You may also consider asking for advice on online discussion forums from other people who have experienced similar problems.

Attempt the solutions that helped a lot of other people suffering from similar issues, and then you’ll boost your likelihood of successfully resolving the problem.