Does Google Home support Cantonese? How to Use

Google introduced Cantonese for its Google Assistants in 2019 on the Actions on Google software development kit and Android.

As a result, users now have access to services by Google Assistant in one of the most spoken languages of Hong Kong. Google Assistant supports about 37 variants of languages across 20 different languages.

So, to answer the main question is we’d say Yes, but partially. Users have been given access to choose Cantonese for the Google Home app as a primary Language.

The downside to this service is that it won’t be compatible enough to work with other devices.

You can set up the language on your Google Home, but, probably, your smart devices will not follow your voice commands in Cantonese, which can be daunting.  

There is More to The Story…

On the other hand, Google smart speakers don’t support Cantonese. Based on the Google documentation, such devices are not for sale in China.

In such a case, when you choose the Cantonese language as an option, an informational message is provided by the Google Assistant saying, “won’t work on some of your devices.”  

Because of its incompatibility with some devices, it is not ideal to use Cantonese as a primary language.

But despite this, you can add Cantonese as a second language through your Google Home.

So you will be able to use your Google Home with Cantonese, but if it doesn’t work, you always have the option of using English for your smart devices.

What Can Be Done?

users have been informed that Cantonese doesn’t work with Google routine either. In such cases, again, we suggest you switch languages.

Once you choose some other compatible language, your Google Routines will start working again.

In addition, users have registered their concern that whenever they set Cantonese as their primary language, they couldn’t get their Google Home to follow any voice commands.

This is because the users cannot use the smart devices with Google Home.

Google Home is not available for sale in China, and hence there is very minimal demand for the Cantonese language compatibility on Google Home.

Now, people use English as the primary language on Google Home to avoid any automation glitches.

This will enhance the constancy of the voice assistant. The Cantonese language is compatible with the mobile app of Google Assistant.