How To Link Google Home Soundcloud Together?

In this post, we’ll look into whether or not you may listen to SoundCloud music on the Google Home gadget. Continue to read to know the process.

SoundCloud is a fantastic music website that has offered several chances to aspiring musicians. There are thousands and thousands of music to select from.

The best part about this network is that it is free for both artists and consumers, which ensures there are no monthly membership costs to think about.

Therefore, if you are unable to make your SoundCloud function with Google Home, keep reading to learn how to work around this problem.

Google Home may be used to play SoundCloud.

Currently, Google Home does not support the SoundCloud music streaming service.

This is also why you continuously experience problems while attempting to link SoundCloud to Google Assistant.

You cannot use voice recognition to request that Google play one certain track from the SoundCloud library.

Therefore, if you intend to connect your SoundCloud profile to Google Home, this is probably not the right voice assistant to suit you.

However, this doesn’t really preclude you from playing music on the Google Home gadget.

You have three alternatives for playing SoundCloud music with Google Assistant.

Solution 1: Use Bluetooth to link Google home SoundCloud

The first solution is to manually hook the speakers to the mobile Bluetooth connection and stream the mobile music through your Google Home speaker systems afterward.

All you need to perform is link the Google Home loudspeakers to the mobile Bluetooth device, then launch the SoundCloud application and check to listen to just about any songs you choose.

Solution 2: Cast Directly to Google Home

The second-best solution is to transmit the songs to the Google Home gadget directly.

To do the same, reconnect the smartphone to the same Wi-Fi connection as your Google Assistant.

Following that, merely launch the Google Home smartphone application and choose the loudspeakers you wish to use.

Choose Cast my audio from your settings menu, and the sounds from the smartphone should immediately begin playing.

You can now only adjust the volume and pause or play the track via voice activation.

Solution 3: Using the Cast Functionality of the Google Application

Finally, you may choose to use Google Chrome to stream your songs while using the application’s “Cast” function.

Therefore, if you already have it downloaded and installed, launch Chrome and press enter on the top right-hand corner under Chrome settings.

Tap the cast option again from the drop-down list and then select Google Home loudspeakers to stream audio from the Soundcloud.

Is SoundCloud’s install policy restrictive?

SoundCloud was created to be a streaming platform first and foremost. You may play an infinite number of songs without spending a penny once you have a decent internet connection.

Nevertheless, the platform has expanded over time and allows customers to download songs, which could subsequently be listened to even though no internet connection is available.

Regrettably, it’s not like all songs are available for free download. In truth, the artist has a large influence. Artists utilize SoundCloud, like most other streaming services, to make a little extra money.

However, if the artists choose to release their work free of cost, they could provide a download link next to each music.


These are a few techniques for playing SoundCloud music on Google Home.

However, there seems to be no means to connect your Google Assistant to the SoundCloud profile directly.

One could only listen to music from their SoundCloud profile through their smartphone, and you cannot apply voice input to ask Google to play songs from the SoundCloud account.

We suggest consulting Google support for more information. You may also write an email asking them to integrate SoundCloud compatibility to the Google Home gadget.