Understanding The Differences Between Par16 Vs Par20 Light Bulbs?

PAR, or aluminized reflector light, are among the many types of electric lamps.

It is broadly utilized in household, industrial, and transportation lighting. PAR lights are well-known for emitting an intense, straight light beam. These are employed in a variety of situations.

They can, for example, be utilized as lights in aeroplane landings or as the lighting in a theatrical production.

In any event, they are employed because of their powerful directed light. Nowadays, the market is very competitive with PAR lights, each of which serves a unique and distinct function.

PAR 16 in comparison to PAR 20

In the home, PAR lighting, or perhaps more precisely PAR light bulbs, are widely used. They are not for everyone, although in the hands of the appropriate person, they may be an extremely useful bit of technology to have in their home.

Similarly, there are several PAR light bulbs on the market. Each has a distinct shape and serves a specific function. Today, we’ll compare the differences between PAR 16 and a PAR 20 light bulb to help you choose the best one for your house.

Usability: Par16 Vs. Par20

Both of these PAR light bulbs mostly perform the same functions. They do, although, vary slightly.

The first difference between them will be the ease with which it may be used and placed. Light bulbs are an excellent method of lighting your home.

Although both light bulbs are great, we observed that PART 16 is far more user-friendly. For instance, turning and tilting a light bulb is really faster and easier.

You will also find it much simpler to use because it is much easier to set up.

Availability: Par16 Vs Par20

When evaluating light bulbs, this element must be taken into account. To begin with, light bulbs are not very long-lasting. You may also be required to replace a specific component of the light bulb after some time.

The supply of such parts comes into the picture herein.

You would always choose a light bulb that is not just easy enough to buy but also has spare components available.

In this sense, PAR 20 is considerably more accessible. However, some users have also complained about being unable to locate anything at all for PAR 16.

Budget-Friendly: Par16 Vs Par20

One true fact is that no one desires to spend loads of money on just a light bulb. They also do not want a light bulb that is ineffective. LED lights in the PAR 16 and PAR 20 range are reasonably priced.

However, it is not as straightforward as it may appear. PAR 16 LEDs are more costly than PAR 20 LEDs because they are more uncommon. PAR 20 LEDs, but at the other extreme, are widely accessible on the market.

They’re also less expensive. So PAR 20 light bulbs come out on top in this category.

Size: Par16 Vs Par20

Among the most critical factors is the size of the light bulb. Therefore, before we proceed to deliver our final call on these two light bulbs, it is critical that we describe the sizes of both led light bulbs.

When trying to compare the sizes of the two light bulbs, PAR 20 is the larger of the two. PAR 16 is compact, making it much easier to operate and transport.

The fact that a light bulb is big or small does not necessarily imply that it is a big deal. It is up to the person to decide how he will utilize them. As a result, there is no big favorite in this case.

What is the definition of par in the light?

PAR stands for photosynthetically active radiation. PAR light is defined as light wavelengths in the visible range of 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) that stimulate photosynthesis.

PAR is a commonly used (and sometimes misunderstood) word in horticulture lighting. PAR is NOT a measurement or unit like meters, ounces, or kilograms.

How much does par20 imply in light bulbs?

PAR 20 bulbs regulate light extremely effectively. They provide about four times the focused intensity of light of standard service.

A kind of incandescent that is utilized in concealed and track lighting. The 20 figure, like other incandescent bulbs, indicates the diameter of the lightbulb in 1/8th of an inch.

What is the distinction between par 16 and par 20 light bulbs?

The LED PAR16 bulb has the lowest diameter of any PAR bulb, while the PAR20 bulb is one size bigger.

So while a PAR20 and a PAR16 bulb might have almost the equivalent base size, the lightbulb dimensions vary. When utilizing old fixtures, this is critical also because fitting might not have been exact.


When comparing PAR 16 with PAR 20, we can’t seem to help but conclude that the final decision is entirely up to you.

One is larger and more cost-effective, while the other is compact and easy to use. The final option is yours as to whether you would like the larger or smaller version.