WeMo Firmware Update Stuck: Easy Fix To The Issue

In such a case, a response message should pop up on your WeMo mobile application if a new firmware update is made available for your WeMo device.

In case you have missed any prompt or your WeMo firmware update has been stuck, there are specific basic steps that you can start with to complete the firmware.  

You can start by following the steps mentioned below to update the firmware without any hassles:  

  • You should ensure that the device is on, make sure the power is continuously supplied.  
  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as connected to the WeMo device. 
  • Now you can download the latest version of the mobile application and install it from the app store. You can download it from the play store for android devices.  
  • Prepare your credentials to create your WeMo account.  
  • Once you have entered your credentials, you can create your WeMo account if you do not have one already.  

If you still can’t get your firmware to update on your WeMo device, then the following troubleshooting steps will help you figure the cause of your WeMo firmware update stuck.

These steps will also let you fix the issues you are facing with the WeMo device.  

1. Try Checking the Internet connection 

An extremely important aspect for the firmware to update without any flaw is the internet connection one has.

Therefore, a good internet connection with efficient speed and long-term stability while downloading is necessary to perform any such update.  

A poor internet connection is prone to get disconnected in the middle of downloading, causing the WeMo firmware update to be stuck.

To avoid this, you must ensure that all your WeMo devices receive the appropriate Wi-Fi signals to install the firmware update efficiently.  

 2. Ensure Constant Power Supply 

A poor internet connection can hinder your firmware update. Similarly, an inefficient power also destabilizes the updating process.

For example, consistent power spikes can cause many interruptions and eventually lead to the WeMo firmware update being stuck.

To avoid such an instance, make sure you have an efficient power source that does not disrupt while installing your firmware update.  

3. Try Restarting the Device 

This step is a basic yet effective way to fix the update issues. If your WeMo firmware update is stuck, we suggest you restart your device to move forward.

When an update is stuck, you will see a message on your screen saying the device’s firmware is being updated, but at the same time, the device will remain unresponsive.  

To fix this, you will need to click on your WeMo device, use the mobile app, and then turn it off. Then, the device will start the reset process, and users can get it to work without any interruptions or lags during the updating process.

4. Try Resetting the Device 

Finally, if none of the ways listed above work for helping you fix the issues you are facing with the WeMo switches, we suggest you restart your device.

However, it is noteworthy that since your device is stuck on the update, you will not restart, and it cannot be turned off using the mobile app. Therefore, in this case, restarting using the mobile app will not work for you.  

You can take the device off from the power source itself and wait for a while to fix this. This process will help trigger a reset activity.

After plugging the device back into the power source, it will automatically reset and trigger an update to the most recent firmware version.

Doing so will help you get rid of your WeMo firmware update stuck and ensure that your device is updated with the latest version of firmware without any issues.