WeMo Rules Not Working: 3 Quick Ways To Fix

Many users have reported their concerns over their WeMo Rules not working. They have stated that they are not setting any Rules or saving them whatsoever.

Some have also mentioned that their WeMo device turns on without any Ruleset for the same.  

Some users who have tried a few troubleshooting steps have listed those for help.

However, for those who still haven’t found a way to fix this issue, this article will assist you in doing so.

These steps will help you troubleshoot the bugs you face with the WeMo devices.  

1. Try Restarting the Device 

This step is the most basic yet quite effective for troubleshooting when your WeMo Rules don’t work. You can also run a power cycle on your WeMo device to avoid any issues with the connectivity.

This will also help fix any other error or bug causing such problems with the WeMo Rules.  

This step is quite simple to perform. To restart the device, you need to turn your device off from the mobile app.

You can also turn it off by using the dedicated restart button if there is any.

Once you turn it off, after letting it sit for 10-15 seconds, turn it back on, and this should certainly fix the WeMo Rules not working.  

2. Check the Firmware Update  

If restarting the device didn’t work for you, the next you can do is reset the device. Resetting the WeMo will let you eliminate all the errors and trigger a firmware update if there are any on your WeMo device. The process of resetting is very easy.

If your WeMo device is connected to your mobile app, then all you need to do is click on the Devices menu and select the problematic device from there.

Now, go to reset the menu, where you will find a button titled reset factory settings. Click on the reset button, and your device will reset. 

Once your device is reset, you will be able to use it after a few seconds without any interruptions or hassles with the WeMo rules or the firmware.  

3. Try Updating the Mobile App 

It is noteworthy to mention here that the mobile app controls all the Rules on WeMo.

Hence, if there is some error or issue with your app or if you have been using an outdated version of the mobile app controlling the WeMo devices, that might lead to WeMo Rules not working.

As a result, the Rules will not perform as efficiently as they are supposed, which could be a huge inconvenience.  

The most effective step to eliminating all the errors with the WeMo app would be to reinstall it completely. You need to delete the app data on your smartphone and then uninstall the app from the mobile.

Once you have uninstalled the app, you must restart the device to ensure that the uninstall is performed accurately. After your phone restarts, you must download the latest app version from the app store or play store.

This will help you get rid of all the bugs, and the app will update too.