Samsung Connect Vs SmartThings: What Are The Differences?

Samsung Connect is essentially a mesh router, and on the other hand, SmartThings is a home automation hub.

Both of these are two fundamentally different products, yet they have a similar feature that prompted us to compare them. They are both capable of serving like a SmartThings hub.

What exactly is the Connect Home?

Connect Home is a smart home Wi-Fi solution that incorporates Wi-Fi with Samsung SmartThings and is supported by the Samsung Knox security system.

Using the newest mesh network infrastructure, the small Connect Home hub sends an optimal Wi-Fi connection to every area of the house.

It also interacts with interoperable smart home devices, allowing you to monitor, manage, and safeguard your house from your smartphone.

Samsung Connect router features

Samsung Connect, the company’s very first Wi-Fi mesh router, has been added to its line of devices. A mesh router is intended to be installed in open areas and removes Wi-Fi dead areas without affecting internet connection speed.

In addition, it often serves as a gateway, allowing users can connect numerous routers to a single modem.

Another fantastic feature of a mesh router is its ability to communicate with other mesh routers. It features a single SSID, which allows you to maintain all of your routers on the same home network.

Mesh routers are also recognized for their high connection, which will enable them to generate a mesh-like layer of WiFi transmissions that covers the whole perimeter of your Home.

Even though Samsung Connect Home is a mediocre performing router due to Samsung’s inefficiency in producing routers, it still competes extremely well with Google Wi-Fi and appears a lot superior to Eero and also has premium features, which is fantastic.

This one is thought to be the best of the bunch. However, there’s still some space for development, and the router functions properly.

SmartThings mobile app 

A smart home automation app controls Samsung Connect. The program may be used to configure the router as well as to manage your internet consumption.

This application is distinctive in that this is the common app that is used to operate SmartThings devices and Samsung home automation gadgets.

Therefore, investing in Samsung and SmartThings equipment will prove to be very helpful.

At first, the Samsung Connect Hope app was a flop. It wasn’t very easy, while the SmartThings Hub ran much more smoothly and easily.

As a result, it was always recommended over the Samsung Connect App. Things improved, however, when Samsung released its new SmartThings (Connect Home) application.

The original SmartThings app inspired it. However, they also included a few additional functionalities. And that is how they dealt with the technical disparity.

Samsung Connect Home as a SmartThings hub

Samsung Connect offers the incredible capability of connecting to various connection protocols such as Bluetooth 4.1, Z-Wave, and ZigBee compatibility.

As a result, if you already have gadgets from the Smart Home range, you may utilize either hub – SmartThings or Samsung Connect Home.

How is Samsung Connect different from SmartThings?

SmartThings (previously Samsung Connect) is an application that allows you to configure and monitor all of your smart home automation devices.

Most Samsung IoT devices can easily be controlled via SmartThings (Samsung Connect) for users. When used in conjunction with Connect Home, customers may operate a large range of interoperable SmartThings devices from a single mobile application.

What are the items that are compatible with Connect Home? Is it exclusively Samsung-branded items?

Samsung Connect Home works with a variety of third-party smart home products, namely Philips Hue Lights and Ring Video Doorbell, along with voice-assistant technologies like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Smart gadgets from Samsung, such as the Motion Detector and Smart Plug, are also compatible. 

In addition, customers may control their numerous connected home devices, such as renowned Samsung IoT home devices, by using the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app.

Can we replace my Samsung SmartThings Hub if we purchase the Connect Home router?

Because the Samsung SmartThings Hub is incorporated into Connect Home Hubs, Connect Homeowners will not be required anymore.

Current SmartThings users, on the other hand, may continue using their present Hub through SmartThings (Samsung Connect) and SmartThings Classic.

Samsung connect vs smartthings: which one is more desirable?

After reviewing the functionality of both programs, we can now determine which one is superior and should be picked.

Now that the same program is employed in Samsung Connect as well as in SmartThings, one must choose Samsung Connect since it includes both the router and the hub.

If you currently have SmartThings, there is no requirement to replace it because it will continue to function properly, but if you must get a brand-new one, then Samsung Connect Home should be your first choice.

That’s what our Samsung connect vs smartthings comparison revealed.