How To Set Up a Harmony Hub DirecTV?

The Harmony Remote helps you easily control your TV and other entertainment devices with a single device.

With so many remotes in the average household, it’s no wonder that the Harmony Remote was invented! You can even control your devices when you’re not home.

But the question remains, “Is Harmony Hub compatible with your DirecTV?” The short answer is yes. Read below to get an easy and helpful guide to set up your Harmony Hub DirecTv. 

We will go through all the steps to set up your Harmony remote and demonstrate what each button does when pressed on two different TVs.

You first need to buy a companion remote for Harmony Hub, aka the Harmony Remote. The remote helps you to use the DirecTV with an IR receiver. Now follow the steps below to set up your Harmony Hub. 

The steps involved in setting up your Harmony Hub DirecTV:

  • Step One: Press and hold the “Setup” button on your Harmony remote for three seconds. Keep pressing until you see a light flash from the circle’s center around the “setup” button. This is where you will be programming in DirecTV codes if applicable to your TV setup.
  • Step Two: Press down one time on each letter or number key, which spell out DIRECTV, but use capital letters, so all keys are pressed at once to spell out DIRECTV. If this does not work, try spelling it with lowercase as well (DIRECTV). The green lights surrounding these buttons should start flashing rapidly when done successfully.
  • Step Three: Press down on the “Activities” button located to the left of your screen. It should be a round button with an arrow and some dots around it.
  • Step Four: Press up or down arrows until you see “Watch TV,” then press “enter.”
  • Step Five: The green lights surrounding these buttons should stop flashing when the setup is completed successfully.
  • Step Six: Press and hold the “Power” button on your Harmony remote until you see a light flash from the center of the circle around the “power” button. This is when you have completed programming DirecTV keys with your TV setup!

You can also set up the DirecTV receiver in RF mode, but that is a task that will take much of your energy with hardly any fruits to your labor. Although, if you are still interested, it’s just a little search away!

Issues faced by some users and their solutions:

Some users have complained about experiencing an abrupt halt in their Harmony Hub’s compatibility with DirecTV as soon as they upgraded.

However, there is no reason to panic. You just need to do a quick check and see if there are any interferences between the connection of Harmony Remote and DirecTV. 

The most obvious reason for this issue would be that the company remote might be in RF mode and the Harmony Hub Remote was in IR mode.

However, you can erase this issue by simply getting an IR Blaster to connect the Harmony Hub DirecTV. 


We hope this article helps you set up your Harmony Hub with DirecTV effortlessly. You can also solve any issues faced while using these devices by reading the above text. 

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