Smartthings Multiple Users: Is It Possible To Add Additional Users?

Administering a smart hub may be challenging, mainly if you haven’t done it previously.

It’s why so many consumers spend hours watching YouTube tutorials to link their smart gadgets to the hub.

Even while Samsung makes every effort to make the automation experience as simple as possible for customers, there are still a few factors that may cause you to become confused during the initial setup.

If you’re unsure about a feature, it’s better to consult the handbook. We understand that it is tedious, but it would save you considerable time and effort.

Here is the guide to SmartThings Multiple Users. First, let’s look at adding numerous users to SmartThings hubs.

Smartthings Multiple Users

The SmartThings hub allows people to create additional accounts. You don’t have to reveal your password, and they’ll be able to use their plugin to join the hub.

The SmartThings hub may simply be shared with your spouse and children. They can add their own activities to the hub, but your profile settings will remain unchanged.

So rather than sharing your credentials, you may get a number of benefits by creating a separate account for the smart things hub.

For instance, depending on the daily tasks, you may establish different routines, and the smart things hub will handle the reset.

In addition, you may invite them to join your SmartThings application and add additional profiles. It would be best if you now approved the invitation using their accounts, and they shall be registered to the SmartThings hub.

Smartthings Multiple Users: How To Add Them?

To connect members of the family to the SmartThings hub, you must first open the SmartThings application. Next, you must click on the three bars in the upper right corner of the program from the home screen.

This will bring up the side menu, from which you must select Account Settings from the drop-down menu. On the top of the settings menu, you’ll see the manage users option.

You may then add members to the SmartThings application by selecting the “manage users” option. The one and only thing you need is the email address of the person you want to add to the SmartThings application.

You’ll also notice a notification at the bottom with all the specifics about what users may do after they’ve been granted access to the smart hub.

Follow all the instructions before adding the email to the tab. Then, an invitation will be sent to the person you added to the SmartThings app.

They just need to accept the invitation at this stage in order to be joined to the smart hub. The extra users should open their email accounts in order to view the invitation link.

If you wish to delete a member from your SmartThings application at any time, you may do so by repeating the method and deleting the user from the manage individuals option.

Because your account has administrator rights, you will have complete control over the issue.

As a result, following these instructions will allow you to add any members to the SmartThings hub. Because the configuration is so simple, you should have no problem following along.

If you are unable to add more members to the smart things hub, something is most likely broken. We recommend that you delete the application data from the smartphone’s settings, as this should resolve your problem.

It would be best if you also double-checked that the person you’re attempting to add is following the instructions in their email. Therefore they won’t be able to join the smart hub until they accept your invitation.

If the individual is still unable to connect to the hub, you should express your question on the community forums. Other individuals would gladly assist you in setting up your account.

Visual tutorials are also accessible on the internet to assist you in understanding the entire process of adding another member. To add additional members to the SmartThings hub, simply follow the instructions provided there.

Smartthings Multiple Hubs 

Even though you may utilize many SmartThings hubs at the same time, it is just not cost-effective. Because only one SmartThings hub may be connected at a time, this is the case.

That is, even if you already have two hubs installed, just one of them will permit you to utilize the smart devices properly.

And other, on the other hand, will just sit there doing nothing. This is also why you don’t see too many people in their flats installing several SmartThings hubs.

Nevertheless, certain applications can still be accomplished by combining numerous hubs. The only stipulation is that you must use them on various devices.

For instance, if the house is divided into pieces and you want to control each portion separately, you may easily install numerous hubs.

However, this would still be inconvenient for you because you’ll have to move between hubs to keep utilizing your smart gadgets.

Another option that most customers employ is the use of repeaters to expand the range of their SmartThings hub.

This implies that if the hub is installed in the lower portion of your home and the gadgets in the higher section are unable to connect to the hub, a repeater will assist you in solving the problem.

However, if you’re experiencing difficulties connecting some of the smart gadgets to the smart hub, consider this solution.