What Is The Meaning Of Smartthings Hub Solid Blue Light?

Are you curious about the meaning of the blinking light on your SmartThings hub? The smartthings hub solid blue light shows that the hub is linked to a network but not to the internet.

A solid Blue LED indication on the SmartThings hub has also been causing a lot of customers problems recently. So here are a few options for resolving the problem of smartthings hub solid blue light.

Change out your Ethernet cable.

Your SmartThings hub is unable to access the cloud service if it has a solid blue LED indication. Unfortunately, this is also why you probably wouldn’t be able to use the hub to operate your connected devices.

A broken ethernet cable connecting to the SmartThings hub has been the most typical cause for this issue.

Therefore, unplug the ethernet wire from the smart things hub and wait a couple of minutes prior to reconnecting it.

Then, your problem is likely to be resolved; however, we propose completely changing the ethernet wire if it still persists.

Examine the network configurations

When the smart hub is unable to interact with the databases, this problem appears. If the LED indicator is steady Blue for a little more than 3 minutes, there is something seriously wrong with your wifi connection.

The first thing one should be doing in this circumstance is to examine your router’s network settings. You may accomplish this by checking the admin panel to see if outbound access is restricted.

If the unit was operating well just a couple of hours ago but has now begun to glitch, you must reboot the router to see if it fixes the problem.

Rebooting the router will not take long, and it will revamp the network access, which may resolve your issue.

Reset the hub if you observe smartthings hub solid blue light

When you’ve already tried changing the ethernet connection and resetting your network configuration, but the problem persists, the hub is most likely to blame. In this case, resetting smart devices to factory defaults is a viable option.

You will, unfortunately, need to reconfigure almost all the connected phones with the hub when this procedure is completed.

This can take quite a long time to do this task. However, there’s a good chance that restarting and changing the settings of the gadget will resolve the issue.

After you are done resetting the hub, switch it on and then insert a pin to push the reset switch on the rear side. When the LED indication becomes black, release the switch, and the hub should automatically reboot.

You may now set up your smart home devices with the hub when you observe the green and red lights flicker.

Make sure you’re in close proximity to the hub.

During the setup procedure, your smartphone will automatically connect to the hub for a limited period of time. As a result, ensure that you are approximately 15 feet from the hub.

If you’re using wifi to access the hub, check sure that it is within the coverage of your network. Then, move the hub near to the router to see if that helps.

If the problem with your connection remains, you may need to go into your phone’s settings and briefly restrict wifi so that you could utilize your cellular data instead.

Troubleshoot the issue further.

If the problem persists, your network settings may be the cause. First, restart your router to see if it fixes the problem. If you need further help, contact your network provider.

What should you do if the setup takes too long?

The setup might take up to 30 minutes, or probably much longer, depending entirely on the bandwidth.

To begin, ensure that the hub is connected to a functioning outlet and that the top Indicator light is flickering red and green.

Follow the instructions below if the procedure is taking an unusually long time. Then, based on the situation, alternative methods can be used.

  • Moving the SmartThings hub adjacent to the router or attaching the hub manually to a router socket using an Ethernet cable are two options for linking the hub via wifi.
  • If you’re using Ethernet to access the SmartThings hub, try a new router interface, a separate Ethernet cable, or perhaps both. You may alternatively reconnect the hub and modem directly. Ensure that the hub is directly attached to the router or the modem rather than via a switch. If the hub connects to the modem without a problem, the router might be malfunctioning.
  • The SmartThings hub is stuck at 99 percent: Keep a look at the LED indication on the hub if you observe that the app is stuck at 99 percent and takes longer. The bug seems to be just a screen glitch in the application if the LED goes green. 

How to disable SmartThings wifi’s LED status indication

The LED Status Indicator is intended to assist you in determining what is happening with the SmartThings hub, but you might also switch it off when you no longer wish to view it.

Open the SmartThings app and navigate to it. After that, hit the Home symbol on the Devices menu. Next, choose your chosen location, scroll through all the rooms, and then touch the SmartThings wifi hub of your choice.

Next, check the status of your network. To switch it off, press the switch adjacent to the LED indication after tapping the hub that you wish to manage.