schlage multiple locks same key

Schlage Multiple Locks Same Key; How To Go About The Process?

Customers will feel secure in their homes when they have robust locks on the doors. Conventional deadbolt locks are available, whereas door locks with extra functions are available. There are several alternatives accessible depending on the model you want. You may also use internet forums to seek the advice of professionals. As a result, other …

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schlage programming code doesn't work

What To Do If Schlage Programming Code Doesn’t Work?

In case your Schlage Programming Code doesn’t work effectively, most probably it is because you’re not typing the correct password or maybe because the door lock is malfunctioning. You may fix the issue where your Schlage programming code doesn’t work by inputting the proper Code or resetting the lock to factory defaults. The Schlage Deadbolt …

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schlage be468 vs be469

Schlage Be468 Vs Be469: Which One Is The Right Choice?

If you want such fascinating smart lock solutions with your regular doors and achieve the right touch of interactivity and accessibility, Schlage is the ideal solution for your household.  Schlage provides various really robust smart locks which come with an everlasting lifespan. However, the greatest thing seems to be that you would not have to …

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schlage turn lock feature not working

What To Do When Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?

Schlage locks are excellent, and they are amongst the most dependable brands available for assisting you in obtaining the ideal smart locks. Their locks are long-lasting and may be used for many years without a problem, and you’ll have an excellent experience, including all the Schlage locks. In addition, Schlage makes some fantastic deadbolt locks; …

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august auto unlock not working

What to Do with August Auto Unlock Not Working?

Nowadays, users have been complaining about issues with their August Auto Unlock. Users have reported that August Auto Unlock is not working with their phones or tablets. If you are going through the same, then this article is just appropriate for you. We have listed a few of the simplest steps to fix the August …

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gatehouse vs kwikset

Gatehouse Vs Kwikset – Choose The Best Lock For Your Home

Gatehouse and Kwikset are among the most well-known manufacturers and distributors of numerous locks for diverse applications. Both Gatehouse and Kwikset offer a wide range of features and security, making them very popular. We have compared both products’ ranges based on features such as security, ease of installation, compatibility, and customer reviews. Gatehouse  Gatehouse has …

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Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

Security is one of the most important things to consider at home. With plenty of security devices, door locks and deadbolts are the most common devices which help secure our homes. With smart technology, door locking systems are also getting smarter. Other than security, smart door locks also provide convenience and control at the touch …

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