Schlage Multiple Locks Same Key; How To Go About The Process?

Customers will feel secure in their homes when they have robust locks on the doors. Conventional deadbolt locks are available, whereas door locks with extra functions are available. There are several alternatives accessible depending on the model you want.

You may also use internet forums to seek the advice of professionals. As a result, other customers will be able to propose hardware that will precisely suit your requirements.

A deadbolt isn’t really hard to mount, and individuals with a basic understanding of hardware may do it in a matter of minutes.

Schlage, among many other companies, makes one of the most dependable smart door locks. Let’s see if you can employ the same key to open various door locks.

Schlage multiple locks same key

Although it is suggested that you can utilize separate keys for door locks indoors and outdoors in the house, when you have an apartment, possessing the same key operates on several locks that might spare you a huge amount of time.

It is feasible to open several Schlage door locks with a common key. However, to make your Schlage door locks operate with a single key, you may use a variety of techniques.

Furthermore, doing so could jeopardize the home’s protection, as if one of the keys is stolen, the thief will still have complete access to the residence.

These are just some options for using the same Schlage Lock key on numerous Schlage Door locks.

Examine the Codes

Thus, when buying a door lock, the very first step is actually to seek comparable key codes. Matching key codes indicate that you might operate all of the door locks with the same key.

However, it may take a long time, as well as you may not be able to track down enough door locks with about the matching key code.

This approach is not very practical because finding the exact key code on numerous door locks requires a lot of chance. Nevertheless, you won’t have to go to the trouble of encrypting and decrypting the door locks, and then everything will operate as it should.

This is ideal for customers who do not prefer to rekey their door locks or hire a professional to do it for them.

As a result, the much more cost-effective method of getting the very same key code to function on different Schlage door locks would be to be able to match the key codes.

The only disadvantage is the amount of time and door locks accessible at each retailer. You may also buy a certain amount of door locks with about the same key code from Schlage. Other approaches, though, may be of use to you.

Keying Facility

The very next alternative is to hire a locksmith or call an online service to key the doors for you. This solution is appropriate for customers who would not want to or cannot undertake the rekeying procedures.

This method may be more pricey, but it saves you the trouble of learning how to rekey the doors. Furthermore, the specialists will be able to do the task more effectively and will not harm the deadbolt cylinders in the procedure.

On certain models, the Door Locks site also provides complimentary lock keying solutions. That is, you may accomplish your aim of having the very same key operate on numerous Schlage door locks without spending any more expense.

Therefore, if their solution is accessible in your region, we propose that you contact them and place an order based on your needs. This choice will almost certainly be the cheaper and most efficient.

Furthermore, based on the sort of deadbolt you want, you can select from a variety of additional manufacturers. This online solution will handle all of the keying requirements.

Rekeying the doorlock

Finally, if you are unable to locate a locksmith or technical service which will rekey your locks, you could rekey the door directly. Although if you are unfamiliar with hardware, the general operation is not complicated.

You may require a few accessories, as well as a rekeying kit, which you can get from the exact retailer where you purchased the Schlage door locks.

We recommend that you view several YouTube training videos to get a better grasp of the entire operation.

The cylinder from within the door lock must first be removed. First, you’ll need to remove the main section of the deadbolt from the door to get to the cylinder within.

Then extract the key plug first from the cylinder as well as unscrew the door lock cylinder from the lock. However, at this stage, you may slip the outermost layer of the cylinder onto the plug follower but also connect the plug to the cylinder.

Finally, that the difficult portion has been completed, all that remains is to detach the pins out from the key’s innermost cylinder.

Afterward, please take out the old key and replace it with the one you wish to activate for all of the door locks.

Install the replacement pins that came with the rekeying kit, making sure they are properly aligned as described in the instruction manual.

If you position the pins accurately, they should really be flush with the innermost cylinder’s side. Then, put the right cylinder right back and reconnect the plug follower.

Reassemble it all and continue with the rest of the Schlage door locks. You could now employ the master key to open numerous Schlage door locks with about the same key.

Schlage multiple locks same key- conclusion

You may acquire the very same key to unlock all of the Schlage door locks in your apartment using a variety of techniques. You have three options for rekeying the locks: hire a professional or use an internet service operator, or do it yourselves.

That would really allow you to achieve your aim of employing the single key to open several Schlage locks with ease.

It is not advised, though, because it may jeopardize your home’s security. Remember this when rekeying the locks to the very same key configuration.