What To Do When Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?

Schlage locks are excellent, and they are amongst the most dependable brands available for assisting you in obtaining the ideal smart locks.

Their locks are long-lasting and may be used for many years without a problem, and you’ll have an excellent experience, including all the Schlage locks.

In addition, Schlage makes some fantastic deadbolt locks; however, if the turn-lock function isn’t functioning for you, here’s how to repair it.

A turn-lock function helps the user to set the door lock from the outside by pushing the Schlage button and spinning the thumb twist.

If you haven’t activated the functionality, you’ll have to enter a code on the outside while leaving the premises to lock it properly so, if you’re having issues after you’ve activated it, but it’s just not functioning. This is how to solve it.

Application Upgrade

If you have a Schlage lock that can be linked to the application and therefore unable to use the function, the very first step you need to do is update the software on your smartphone.

This ensures that there have been no problems or mistakes in the Schlage program and that you can now use the functionality without difficulty.

Lock Reset

If you can’t get it to function and there isn’t an application linked, you’ll have to reset the lock. Unfortunately, resetting a Schlage lock may be difficult, particularly if you are doing this for the first time or if you really are unfamiliar with the technology.

You must ensure that you strictly adhere to the procedure since there may be other aspects that you may muddle up and do more damage than good.

As a result, it is only recommended if you are confident in your ability to manage it.

To begin the reset, use the screwdriver to remove the front plate on the rear side of the smart lock. When the lid is removed, you can see the battery beneath.

After removing the battery from its connections, push the Schlage button once. Make absolutely sure you’re pushing the button after your battery has been fully separated from both connections.

The battery must then be replaced, and the Schlage button must be held down for five seconds. This will return the lock to its own factory default settings, and you may re-configure it as needed.

The reset will restore the feature’s functionality, and then you’ll be enabled to lock the door without any difficulty.

Examine the lock.

If you are still struggling to get it to function after using all of the troubleshooting procedures outlined above, there isn’t that much that you could do.

It is preferable to get the lock examined by Schlage for any problems or defects from the inside of the lock.


While activating the Schlage Turn Lock function allows you to easily lock your door from the outside without inputting a User Code, there is one little disadvantage: unauthorized individuals can lock the door from outside.

Therefore, whenever you decide to either activate or disable the functionality, be certain you understand the ramifications.

To summarise, if the Schlage Turn Lock function isn’t operating in the lock, you may solve it by verifying the option is activated or factory resetting the lock.