Schlage Keypad Not Working: Tips And Tricks To Solve The Problems

Schlage is among the most prominent smart lock companies in the industry, and while their locks are excellent, their keypads tend to defect.

This frequently occurs when the updates do not function properly or due to general wear and tear. And here is how to get it fixed:

  • To begin, verify if your remote bolt lock is functioning. If it is not working, there may be a connectivity issue with the mobile app. You should notice a difference after reinstalling the app on your mobile.
  • Then, see how much battery power you have left. The keypad could stop working if the battery levels are significantly low. The best approach is to charge the battery according to the lock’s guidelines.
  • If the keyboard continues to malfunction, irrespective of battery life, consider replacing the batteries. This may solve the issue.
  • In your lock, look for the connecting pin. A loose connecting pin is another typical cause of keypad malfunction. This pin links the keypad to the lock as well as the power supply. Press the pin back to its original shape if you detect it is becoming loosened. 

After replacing the batteries, the Schlage keypad stopped working

Even though you replaced your Schlage lock, you may discover that it is no longer functional. There might be a variety of causes and explanations for this.

You may unintentionally detach the battery connector during a battery swap, and the lock would only function if the battery connector is properly connected.

Therefore, you must ensure that the battery connection is secure. Whether it is still not connected, attach it first and then check if it operates.

You must again select the appropriate batteries for the lock. Schlage locks need alkaline or non-rechargeable batteries. If you are using lithium batteries rather than alkaline cells, the locks may not operate.

If you’re still having trouble getting the lock to function, you may want to try the Factory Reset option. Small internal malfunctions might cause the lock to stop working properly.

Factory Reset Method might help you address some small issues.

The keypad can be removed and then re-added

If you’re utilizing a smart home hub such as SmartThings, the lock keypad may be causing problems.

In such circumstances, you’ll have to physically unplug the lock keypad from the linked devices on the smart things hub.

After that, take your keypad’s battery cells out. Allow the keypad to rest for a couple of minutes. Change the batteries in the device after that.

Then, re-add the gadget on your smart things hub by utilizing the hub’s settings. After this, it is time to activate the Schlage lock keypad.

Why isn’t the Schlage lock opening when the green light blinks?

In most cases, when you provide the code, the door should open automatically. However, there might be technical glitches if the lock flashes green, but it does not unlock.

However, even after providing a valid code, the lock might not always open due to an inadequate or improper setup.

Check that all of the batteries are in proper working conditions. Schlage lock will not operate properly if the battery levels are very low. When the batteries run out, you must consider replacing them.

Factory Reset if the Schlage keypad not working

Resetting the keypad back to factory settings would also be a good idea. This implies that the settings on your keypad would be restored to their previous condition.

It would be best if you physically detached the device’s batteries in addition to resetting the keypad.

Then, for almost 10-15 seconds, push the Schlage button. Keep in mind the batteries are also connected within this time range.

Once you observe a green light and hear a beep from the gadget, it’s time to reset the device. 

Follow these steps to reset if the Schlage keypad is not working properly:

  • The batteries should be disconnected.
  • The Outside Schlage Button must be pressed and held.
  • Connect the batteries while pressing the Outside Schlage Button.
  • Outside Schlage Button should be released.
  • Push the Outside Schlage Button and input one of its Default User Codes to verify that the lock has been reset.
  • The lock would execute a setup process if the reset were complete. Wait for the bolt to come to a complete halt. The system has been reset.

What is the procedure for replacing the batteries in my Schlage lock?

To replace the batteries in the Schlage Lock, follow these easy steps:

  • With the help of a screwdriver, remove the screws as well as the inside flap of the lock.
  • Remove the old battery cells and use a piece of fabric or tissue to wipe the interior of the back panel softly.
  • Remove the old batteries and gently place the new ones in their place.
  • Reassemble the battery compartment lid by reinstalling the screws.

Message the Customer Service Department

Consider contacting the customer service team if everything else goes wrong.

They will be able to provide you with so many options. They will also assist you in determining and resolving the problem.