5 DIY Ways To Fix Black and Decker Lithium Battery Charger Flashing Red

Many users have been reporting concerns about having complications with charging your Black and Decker lithium batteries.

We went through some discussion forums where users noticed the Black and Decker Lithium Battery Charger Flashing Red Light. 

Moreover, they are not aware of what is triggering the battery charger to do so. Hence, we have listed five valuable ways to fix the Black and Decker Lithium Battery Charger Flashing Red Light.

These instructions stated below should assist in troubleshooting and completely resolving your issues without any hassles. 

1. Battery is too Warm

The very primary cause of the light flashing red on your battery might be that your battery has become too warm to charge.

The light flashing red is an alert to make you aware that the battery needs to be cooled down before you can charge it again. 

We would suggest that you too try this and cool down the battery. To do so, you should wait for some time before you charge the battery again, probably for a few hours.

This will provide sufficient time for cooling down the battery completely.  

2. Defective Charger

Another possible reason for you seeing red flashing light on your battery might be a faulty charger.

There is a possibility that the battery is warming up and not getting enough voltage to charge because of the faulty connected charger with it.

If you want to be sure whether this is the reason or not, you can connect the battery to a new charger. On the other hand, if you notice that it is charging just fine, you can be sure there are some existing chargers.

Once you have discovered the cause, replace the faulty charger with a new one to charge your Lithium battery smoothly. 

3. Issue with Battery

So far, if you are still seeing the red light flashing on your battery, you might have a defective battery. If such is the case, then there is nothing feasible to do as such.

So instead, we recommend you get your battery repaired because it might cause multiple problems even after being repaired. 

So, the only sensible option is to replace your faulty battery with a new lithium battery. Getting an efficiently working battery will help you eradicate all the issues that you faced previously.

But before you decide to replace the battery, make sure that the previous one is faulty. 

4. Contact Customer Support

In case you don’t wish to replace your battery and want to make good of the old one by troubleshooting some more, then we suggest you try contacting the support panel.

The support team looks into the issue you are facing and might understand the core reason for what is causing it. 

They will give you a much better knowledge of the problem you are having and provide you with solutions to troubleshoot to fix it.

Just explain everything in detail and thoroughly follow the instructions given by them. 

5. Contact For Professional Assistance

Lastly, suppose nothing works out for you. In that case, you can try contacting a professional to help you explain the exact reason for seeing red light flashing on your battery after inspecting it personally.

Of course, this will let a few bucks fly but will certainly get your battery to work properly.