Best Z-Wave Deadbolt Without Keypad: Signature Series by Kwikset

Several users have been raising their concerns about the Z-Wave compatible deadbolts recently. The major issue is that such deadbolts have additional features that aren’t much use to most users.

For example, it is noteworthy that almost every Z-Wave compatible deadbolt includes a keypad in them.  

Users have been looking for alternatives, but mostly they have been searching for Z-Wave enabled deadbolts without the keypads.

If you search for a Z-Wave deadbolt that does not have a keypad, then this article is the one-stop solution for you.

There are some extremely efficient Z-Wave enabled deadbolts available in the market which do not have a keypad and are yet convenient to use.

The best Z-Wave deadbolt without keypad series has been introduced in the market by Kwikset.  

Signature Series Z-Wave Deadbolt Without Keypad by Kwikset 

All the latest devices manufactured under Z-Wave Deadbolt Signature Series by Kwikset are now made user-friendly without any keypads on them.

They have been quite the innovation in smart locks featuring Home Connect, which is compatible with both Z-Wave and ZigBee. Mostly the newer models include a Z-Wave radio.  

You will be able to check the status of your lock simply by using a web-enabled device such as a tablet, smartphone, or others.

In addition, you can lock or unlock your smart lock directly through your smart device remotely.

These smart locks send you an update or alert on your smartphone every time the lock is unlocked.  

You can use all these features only when the deadbolt is connected to a good internet source. To control the activities, you will need to connect the deadbolt with a Z-Wave gateway or a central hub such as Samsung SmartThings.

This will certainly cost you some additional bucks, around $70-$130. 

Another great feature about the Kwikset deadbolt signature is that they run on 4AA batteries, which are very simple to install.

Although these smart deadbolt locks do not come with keypads, they consist of all the basic features of a Z-Wave functional deadbolt.

In addition, you are given complete remote access to the smart lock, and you will receive all the alerts regarding any movement or activity that takes place with your smart locks.