What to Do with August Auto Unlock Not Working?

Nowadays, users have been complaining about issues with their August Auto Unlock. Users have reported that August Auto Unlock is not working with their phones or tablets.

If you are going through the same, then this article is just appropriate for you. We have listed a few of the simplest steps to fix the August auto-unlock not working.

1. Try Clearing App Cache Files

Many users manage to resolve this issue by just clearing the app cache files. However, every time they update their app, they are prompted to clear the app cache.  

If you are not aware of how to do this, go to Settings on your smartphone and then navigate to the apps. Find the August Auto-lock app there.

Click on the app and locate an option named ‘Clear Cache Files/Data. Now clicking on that will clear all the cache files of your August lock app at once.

In case this doesn’t work, either try clearing the data files of the app too. We should mention that once you clear data files will make you set up the app all over again but most certainly will solve the issue you were having.

If the following way doesn’t get you any solution, then proceed on to the next step.

2. Additional Troubleshooting

Another way to get your August Lock working other than clearing the app’s cache is troubleshooting. To begin with, restart your router and make sure you have a good connection.

Also, ensure that your lock system and smartphone are both connected to the same network.  

We suggest you use 2.4 GHz bandwidth and avoid the 5 GHz band. Additionally, you can try and completely uninstall the app altogether and reinstall.

Also, ensure that your smartphone completely supports the August app and its features to lock/unlock August smart locks without any glitches and lags.

Your issue should be resolved by now, but if your august auto-unlock is still not working, then jump to the next procedure.

3. Contact Customer Support

If none of the ways mentioned above work for you, you can now contact the customer service team. Once you reach out to customer support, one service executive will respond to you and help you with your query.

You might need to explain the issue you faced to the support executive and whatever other necessary information he asks you regarding the device, smartphone, and solutions you have already to fix the problem.

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