Schlage Keypad Lock Won’t Lock: Troubleshooting Ideas To Solve The Issue

Schlage is among the most well-known manufacturers of smart locks. They are one of the most dependable smart lock choices available. These smart locks are available in a variety of styles and features.

You may choose between smart locks featuring a keypad and smart locks that necessitate a key, for example. You may also get a smart lock that now has both of these features.

It is indeed worth noting that they wouldn’t be considered smart locks if they didn’t have any. You may also anticipate complete remote control.

Schlage keypad lock won’t lock: how to troubleshoot

A lot of customers have claimed that their Schlage keypad isn’t working properly. The Schlage keypad, they claim, will not lock. This has caused several people to express their dissatisfaction.

Finally, they grow desperate since they have no idea how to address the problem.

And that’s why, here, we will discuss some of the most straightforward methods for resolving this problem if your Schlage Keypad lock won’t lock.

Batteries should be replaced.

If your Schlage keypad isn’t locking, your battery packs are most likely dead. So the first step is to figure out which batteries these smart locks utilize. Afterward, replace the old batteries with the fresh ones you purchased.

Examine if the smart lock is turned on to see if you have old batteries. If it won’t switch on, it’s most likely because the battery packs are exhausted. 

Reset the Lock

Another option is to reset your configuration to factory defaults. You must execute these steps to factory reset a Schlage smart lock:

  • Disable the lock’s battery packs.
  • Activate and deactivate your Schlage switch.
  • Reinstall the batteries in your smart lock. For one moment, you must see a green flash.
  • Tap and hold the Schlage button unless a green led appears and a buzzing sound is heard.
  • It’s possible that you’ll need to choose one of the preset user codes included in the owner’s manual.

Please reach out to the Customer Service Division.

Send out an email to the customer service staff as a last resort. Make careful to include any pertinent information regarding the problem.

If the team has any questions, be willing to help them out. They should then generate a list of troubleshooting actions for you to take.

You should be able to remedy the problem by doing so.

They will also assist you in getting a defective item replaced.

Schlage keypad lock won’t lock – other ways to troubleshoot 

The Schlage Connect Locks is a smart lock with additional functionality and increased security thanks to Z-Wave Plus.

Connecting the gadget to any home automation system has never been simpler. You can now do a lot so much with the smart lock as a result of this.

You could, for example, operate the locks with your speech. Your smartphone may also be used to change the settings on the lock. The Schlage Connect Door lock has given consumers a lot more options when it comes to their locks.

Things that were previously impossible with a smart lock are now doable. It’s all because of this solution.

Because of all of its characteristics, they are using a smart lock may be quite handy. There is, however, a drawback to utilizing such a gadget.

When utilizing a smart lock, consumers may encounter a variety of issues. When utilizing this gadget, one of the most typical issues is encountering problems and malfunctions.

As a result, in today’s post, we’ll go through all of the methods you may troubleshoot Schlage locks. The following are all of the techniques to troubleshoot the Schlage Door locks effectively:

Join the Z-Wave network.

  • Select on Z-Wave when on the Hubitat interface’s main screen. Go over to the product’s discovery site and begin the Z-Wave coupling.
  • All you have to do is hit the Schlage button.
  • You’ll be prompted to input your six-digit programming code shortly.
  • Tap on 0 (zero)
  • The presence of a root sign indicates that you have connected the Z-Wave system. An X, but at the other end, indicates that you have not yet connected the network.

Checking the Status of Your Z-Wave Connectivity from Deadbolt

  • Remove the battery cover first.
  • Remove the battery connector afterward.
  • Plug the battery connector while you’re monitoring the inner Schlage pushbutton.
  • If the door lock has been registered, the Schlage button will flash.

Using the Z-Wave Network to Exclude Your Lock

  • Disable Device may be found on the Device’s details page. Choose Z-Wave and then Remove From Hubitat’s Interface Main Page. Afterward, on the Device Discovery tab, click The start button Z-Wave Exclusion.
  • The Schlage button should be pressed.
  • You’ll need to input your 6-digit software code at this point.
  • 0 is the number to press.
  • The lock will be removed from the Z-Wave connection if the root sign is present. An X, but at the other extreme, would indicate that the connection was not ruled out.