How to Connect To Ring Doorbell That Is Already Installed: A Brief Guide

People moving to a house are often confused about connecting to the Ring Doorbell already installed in that house and getting it to work.

Several users have raised doubts about the setup procedure for connecting their doorbell with the app.

We also came across questions like if there is no QR code or any dedicated button on the right side of the doorbell, then how to connect to Ring Doorbell that is already installed.  

In this article, we will be covering all the possible ways for how to connect to Ring Doorbell that is already installed. 

How to Connect to Ring Doorbell that is Already Installed?  

People who have recently moved to a new address with a Ring device installed already will have to ask the previous residents of the place or the original owners of the device and get them to remove their account from that device.

Therefore, if you plan to purchase a new property or house with a pre-installed Ring doorbell system, you need to ensure that you have reminded the previous owners to remove their account from the Ring device.  

We should mention that a few steps are to be taken in removing that device from the Ring accounts of the existing owners. First, they will require to launch and run the Ring app and then open the said device.

Once the device removed is located, you can do it from the device’s general settings.  

Once the device has been successfully removed from the accounts of the previous owners, the new owners will finally be able to connect their Ring device with their Ring account.

You will also be able to configure your Ring device with several features, and the existing owners will no longer have the control to access the device once you have linked your Ring account to it.  

This way, you can also ensure no compromise of your privacy. To connect your account to your Ring device, you must convince the previous owners to remove their accounts completely.

Without removing the existing accounts from the device, you won’t be able to connect your Ring account with the security system.  

If you cannot reach previous owners due to some unforeseen reason, we suggest trying resetting the Ring device. You need to press and hold the function button down for about 15-20 seconds to reset.

Although the chances are very low that this technique would work for all the devices as Ring has launched a separate that binds a feature discouraging people from stealing such smart doorbells.

But this does not mean that there is no hope for connecting your Ring doorbell. You can try contacting Ring customer support and let them know your issue in detail.

The experts, on the other, will make sure to provide you with the best solution for your problems.

In addition, they will guide you on how to connect to the Ring doorbell that is already installed when you can’t connect with the previous owners.  

Final Thoughts

The only hassle-free way to set up your Ring device that is already installed is if you can connect with the previous owners and convince them to remove the device from their Ring accounts.

Once they remove their accounts from the device, you can easily link your account and then proceed with the setup procedure to connect your Ring device to your account. 

Secondly, contacting Ring customer support is your best option if you cannot get in touch with the existing owners and cannot get their accounts removed from the device.

Once Ring verifies the claim you made, you will be given proper assistance to set your Ring device without any help from the previous owners.