What to Do When a Ring App Keeps Crashing? Causes and Fixes

Many grievance forums told us that users have been experiencing specific issues with the trendy app Ring. Some uncommon mobile problems with the Ring pointed by the users caught our eyes.  

As we read through, users said that the app was working fine until they installed a Mesh WIFI connection to enhance the signal speed.

But, they said, now whenever they click on the “tap to go live” option, the ring app starts crashing. The users added that it happens only with the mesh network and no other ring device.

This has been quite odd of an event to process for them as they are quite confused.  

Moreover, users explained that almost everything works fine, i.e., they can stream motion event videos in both the app and the online station, but whenever they tap on the ‘recent view,’ the ring app keeps crashing.

It simply disappears without any intimation or error response.  

If you are experiencing similar issues, here are some ways listed that will explain the causes and provide certain troubleshooting ideas to fix your problems with the Ring app.  

1. Compatibility Issues 

The very first step is checking the compatibility. Compatibility is the basic yet major factor for any device to be controlled remotely.

Unfortunately,  there are many smartphones, specifically android, that have complex rules when it comes to compatibility.  

Hence, we suggest you check the smartphone and whether or not it is compatible with your Ring app.

Make sure your smartphone is not operating an android OS as it will not be compatible with the Ring app.  

2. Eliminate all custom mod OS 

There are many custom mods in the smartphone that can be appropriate for your phone but can be problematic with apps like Ring.  

In such a case, you can be sure that there are no issues with the Ring app, and the actual problem is with the operating system it is running.

Therefore, you should ensure that you use the Ring app on a stock OS device without issues. This will let you run the Ring app without crashing. 

3. Check any VPN Enabled  

The next thing you should look for is any VPN that might be enabled on the smartphone. The Ring app needs an active and interrupted internet to work efficiently.

If some VPN is enabled on your smartphone, you will experience multiple issues, and the Ring app keeps crashing. To avoid any such scenario, you must ensure that there isn’t a single VPN app enabled on your device.

This will help you eliminate all kinds of bugs that you could have while using the app. 

4. Try Updating the app 

An outdated or older app version can also cause your Ring app to keep crashing. You will have to update it and get yourself the latest version of the app for a hassle-free operation to avoid this.

The process is quite simple. First, you will have to find the app store or play store to see if your version of the Ring app needs updating.

If it does, just hit the update option it will start downloading. Now, wait for it to install the new version on your smartphone.  

5. Try Updating the Operating System

If updating the app doesn’t help and the ring app keeps crashing, then there is more you can do to fix it. First, we suggest you try checking for any load that is hogging your device.

For example, some apps might run in the background, causing the application to malfunction randomly every time. If you are confident that there are no background running apps, you must check the version.  

The operating system on your smartphone might be old, causing the app not to run efficiently. In such a case, we suggest you go ahead and update the version of the OS on your smartphone.

This is also a simple process. For this, you will have to find the settings on your phone and check for pending software updates.

After successfully updating the operating system on your phone, you should see that it has fixed all the bugs. As a result, you can now use the Ring app without any lags and errors.  

6. Try Reinstalling the app 

By now, we believe your app issues have been fixed. However, in case none of the ways mentioned above have worked for you, there is one more thing you can try, which is uninstalling and then installing the app again.

Being the final option on our list, we should mention this will lead you to lose all your settings and data.

Instead, you can try reinstalling the app. This will probably help you fix the issues you are facing.