Schlage Be468 Vs Be469: Which One Is The Right Choice?

If you want such fascinating smart lock solutions with your regular doors and achieve the right touch of interactivity and accessibility, Schlage is the ideal solution for your household. 

Schlage provides various really robust smart locks which come with an everlasting lifespan.

However, the greatest thing seems to be that you would not have to keep your keys handy all the time, and users can easily connect with any of these smart locks using their smartphone to get them unlocked and opened. 

Another great thing is that you can make a passcode input on your touchpad on each smart lock, and it will instantly get unlocked.

Schlage Be468 Vs Be469

There are many latching methods available from Schlage, but their deadbolt door locks are regarded the toughest, whether they are usually best suited for the main doorways of the house or apartment, or you may wish to utilize these for doors and windows.

Schlage makes a superb line of Deadbolt door locks, and Schlage BE468 vs BE469 are among the most successful alternatives. 

If you’re not sure which of these to purchase, here’s a reasonable analysis to enable you to choose the best option for your home.


Schlage smart deadlbolt lock BE468

BE468 is a smart door lock that is interoperable with both Zigbee as well as Z-wave.

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It features a very unique, clean and metallic finish. As a result, there would be no problems integrating it into your current home automation network. 

When you use the correct lock, like the BE468, you experience the most efficiency, and you wouldn’t even have to take your smartphone out of your bag to unlock the door lock.

You may indeed enjoy excellent lock / unlock choices, including key compatibility, and then there is also a keypad to input the passcode and open the door lock to make it more convenient for all customers.

These credentials may be modified, and then you may assign various passcodes to family and friends, allowing you to see at what time and by whom the door was unlocked. 

But there is a lot more than this functionality. You will also get a silk-screening touchpad with white illuminated code keys that will always be apparent with the BE468. 

The Schlage keypad has a touch interface, so there are no buttons or knobs to push on the display, but the numbers are carved in so that you can view them quite easily.

 If you want to place this door lock in an entrance that gets a lot of direct light, this would be the best option because the digits on display might be difficult to view in direct sunshine.

One feature you won’t notice about the BE468 is the lack of an in-built alarm. BE468 is basically just a basic and straightforward door lock.

Even though most individuals do not require an alarm in the door locks, it is good to have one in-built if someone attempts to tamper with the door lock so that those near you become informed.


Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-in Alarm BE469

The BE469 is a newer model in Schlage’s associated smart door lock line.

The smart lock has a sophisticated, innovative appearance and is available in a variety of metallic finishes.

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Because the door lock is almost entirely made out of metal and is weatherproof, you won’t need to concern about the long-term reliability, and then you can utilize it on almost every door, whether inside or outside of your house. 

You may select from a variety of styles and colour schemes for the door lock as well. 

In addition, this lock’s deadbolt is said to have been indestructible and certified for security.

While it does have a touchscreen interface that only lights up whenever you click the Schlage icon, it also has a number of other functions that would push it beyond the working comparison of the BE468. 

BE469 is Alexa-compatible, allowing you to manage the door lock with just voice recognition and unlock the door lock with simply a voice command.

Furthermore, a somewhat loud alarm feature would be activated if the passcode is incorrectly entered several times or if a burglar tries to tamper with the door lock. 

The blue colored illuminated touchscreen would indeed be ideal for the lock’s elegance.

How To Perform Reset On A Schlage Z-wave Door Lock To Factory Default?

You may reset the Schlage Z-Wave door Lock to the factory default settings by shutting it off and afterwards continue to hold the Schlage key when the power comes back. 

To indicate that the resetting was completed, the gadget will flash three times. After that, the gadget must be re-added to a Z-Wave system.

Multiple things are going to occur if you do the factory default settings or perhaps reset your Schlage Z-Wave door lock. 

Furthermore, the door lock would no longer be connected with a Z-Wave connection. You would have to remove the door lock from the connection and then just couple it with a new network interface. 

Secondly, all user passcodes that have been inputted will be removed. 

Instead, the door lock will utilize its factory passcode, which may be accessed on the programming sticker located beneath the gadget’s top case. 

Lastly, each and every configuration or set up for the door lock would be reinstated. It would be as if you are utilizing the door lock for the very first time, fresh out from the manufacturer.

The door lock will utilize its default admin passcode after a factory default resetting.

 While connecting the gadget to a Z-Wave system, you’ll need to have the gadget’s Code. On a label below the gadget’s case, you’ll find the default user passcodes as well as the Programming Code.

We highly advise copying down the default user passcode as well as the Code and storing it safely. When configuring the door lock, you’ll require these details.

To reset your Schlage Z-Wave door Lock to factory default settings, here’s what to do:

Remove the batteries.

Start by removing the battery cover from the battery. Next, disconnect the front part of the door lock’s battery plate. 

This might also necessitate the use of a screwdriver. Then, whenever you replace the battery case, you’ll be capable of accessing the device’s battery.

Turn off the gadget. 

Take the gadget’s battery out. It’s possible that you’ll have to unplug the cables that link the battery to the door lock. 

Afterwards, across the front of the gadget, push the Schlage button to turn off any remaining power. 

It will look as if nothing is going on. You’re only doing this to make absolutely certain the door lock doesn’t have any leftover power. When you’ve totally removed power to the door lock, move on to the following step.

Reset your device. 

The Schlage button across the front part of the door lock should be pressed and held. Continue to depress the button. Afterwards, by attaching the battery, supply power to the gadget. 

As the gadget powers up, keep pressing the button. If the smart lock resetting was successful, you might immediately receive a confirmation.

A green mark will blink three times on most Schlage Z-Wave Door Locks to offer validation. Depending on the door lock type, the verification notification may change. 

After seeing the notification, you have to let go of the Schlage button. Hold on a minute in case you have missed the notification. After that, it will be secure to let go.

The reset should be confirmed. 

To close and open your gadget, consider using one of the preset user passcodes. Make sure to look on the programming label for the gadget for the default passcodes. 

Underneath the gadget’s outer case, you’ll find this label or sticker. 

The factory default reset was accomplished if you really can operate the door lock with one of the default codes. 

You could then again add the door lock to the Z-Wave network system and configure any required passcode for it.